Monday, February 23, 2009

Adventures at Petco

I have been trying to work towards more productivity on weekends. The problem is this: Bill works nights and sleeps during the days. We have a small apartment. So I feel like I can't do anything that makes noise, which cuts out all housework. While it is still frigid outside I have zero desire to do anything that requires me to go out there, which cuts out all errands. Leaving me to sit on the couch and 1) read or 2) watch tv, eventually falling asleep and taking a day long nap. Or I just skip the middle man and just accept my fate and go to sleep with him.

This means that nothing ever gets done. I have a laundry pile the size of Mount Rushmore, the carpet never gets vacuumed as much as it really should, we live in a constant state of never having any food in the house and last Saturday was met with a frantic search for both of our registrations (which was a lot harder than it ever should have been) so we could get new parking permits and not get towed.

Saturday was surprisingly productive; up early for Yoga but then slightly derailed with the above mention of a too long search for car registrations, which took long enough that Linds and I couldn't go look at bridesmaid dresses because Lea had to be at the groomer at 1pm. Took Lea in, while she was being prettified looking for a pet for Lindsey.

Adoption day at Petco is both the greatest and the worst thing for me... especially when they have dogs. It's really no secret how much I want a dog, I've reached the point of being completely illogical with my want. We already live in a small apartment with two people and two cats, with zero room for any other living creature. I know this... and yet...

(conversation on Saturday)

Me: Guess what I found!!!
Me: The cutest dog ever! She's so sweet! Oh... and a *mumble*pitbull*mumble*
Him: No.
Me: But she climbs into your lap and gives you hugs and kisses. A little kid even pulled on her tail and she did nothing!
Him: No.
Me: But...
Him: If you bring home that dog you and I will have to have a very serious conversation.

I did not bring home the dog. But I still love her, and still think that people with blind hatred toward pit bulls need to reexamine their feelings. *ahem!*

Lindsey got a ferret which she named Dini and Lea got her butt shaved and a nice smelling bath so now she no longer walks around in a cloud of poop smell. Oh and we do not have a new pitbull member of our family taking up more than half of our remaining living space. So we are all happy... I suppose ;-)

**But whenever we get a bigger place we will be getting a german shephard puppy. We will. This is not a matter of discussion ;-)**


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