Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Fragments

* Yesterday the Senate was fielding/voting on proposals on what exactly to do with Washington, DC. You know that pesky taxation without representation problem? They voted down an idea to cede it back to Maryland. If that had worked I would have laughed my bum off :-)

* Brian Williams was on the Daily Show last night (I don't consistantly watch the Daily Show so I'm not positive it was new, it may have been a rerun). He never fails to amuse me since he rolls with the punches so well.

* My mom has a massive crush on Tom Brokaw. She actually cried during his last broadcast. I'm not sure if she still misses him though, Brian does a pretty damn good job.

* Jon Stewart pointed out how massive Brian's ratings are likening it to him competing against children; which in reality, he kinda is. I mean Katie Couric has the worst "news" in the world and... I'm not even sure who the other one is, which speaks volumes in itself.

* Speaking of children, I have become addicted to a new blog lately- She's the type of mom I'd love to be, very little changed in her life. She just strapped it on and kept doing all the same things she's always done. Aside from the unfortunate naming of her children (Archer and Fable), I love everything about her and must confess to having a slight girl crush.

* She posted a video of Fable and at the end she sneezes and her little legs jump up. I sent it to Alaina and we sighed over it for hours while our ovaries exploded. Stupid biological clock, I hate you.

* This weekend includes taking Lea to the vet, powerflex class and a bunch of wedding related nonsense. By the time the craptastic weather rolls in Saturday night I hope to not leave the house again until it passes.**

** There are rumblings of a possible sig snow event hitting Sunday night going into Monday making for bad commuting on Monday morning (aka working from home day). I really don't believe it since it's like 70 today and I had completely given up on winter entirely, but I'll take work home just in case.


kissy face said...

Fable and I thought Sara Palin's kids names were bad.....

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