Monday, March 9, 2009

Wedding Planning Vol. 2

I have been incredibly productive in the last week or so. I've ordered a cake, picked out a bridemaid dress and sent it to the girls, fielded one of the most hilarious email strings I've ever had with said girlfriends regarding shoes, found some new photographers, found a possible new (and cheaper!) caterer, and mailed out the save the date magnets.

Please tell me when I became that girl, who measures productivity by how much of some silly weddingness she finished? When the fact that she got the raw materials for the invitations that premade cost $3000+ for only $200 makes her so giddily excited? Because I have to admit, I never thought she would be me. However, in my defense I do this with everything because I don't do anything half way. I jump head first, I will do it the best, I will have spreadsheets and folders and everything will be perfect- because that's just the way I am. Even if it involved the ultra annoying wedding industrial complex.

In other news, we are petsitting Lindsey's baby ferret Dini for the week. This should be... interesting.


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