Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Serious Link Reads

I have been reading a couple of new blogs regarding snapshots of the economy in everyday lives. Portraits of an Economy set up by the brainchild of Girls Gone Child, and Faces of the Recession. There is no quicker way to truly appreciate your own job (even if it has it's drawbacks) then to read about other people's lives right now. I am so incredibly lucky that my job is secure for at minimum 4 years, by my calculations, and Bill's job will always be secure. I am lucky that neither of our employers froze raises this year, so he already got his and I will in April. I am lucky that we can afford going out to eat as much as we do since we never cook.

That's what makes me feel so silly when I start to complain about his work schedule, or about the people I work with, or the stress level of my job. It is also what has me resolving to be at work on time (timeliness is not my forte) from here on out. So that will be added to my resolution sidebar.


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