Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Story time.

So my license plate tags expired in February, I filled out the paperwork and paid for new stickers through the website. The end of Feb approached and I had no new stickers yet, so I call the Richmond DMV main office and inform them that I paid for stickers but I don't have them yet. They confirmed that my payment was received but they did not know where my stickers were, they don't track them. Give them a few more days, then go into my local DMV office and request them in person they said. Okay. If you know anything about me, you'll realize that asking me to go into the DMV is akin to asking me to climb Mount Everest. It's much more likely that I will sit around waiting for something to show up in the mail unless something kicked me in the butt. So one morning last week a nifty police officer went through our lot one night and wrote me a $65 ticket for having expired tags (thus providing my kick in the butt). That day I went into the DMV, stood in the very long line and got up to the counter. "Oh yes, you did pay but your stickers were held because the city of alexandria put a hold on your account." They what? I had not received a bill from them, I had no idea what that was for. So I call them from the DMV lobby and ask.

"You have a parking ticket that isn't paid."
"Umm... is that from THIS MORNING."
"Oh yeah, I see that it is. That's not what the hold is for...... hmmm... oh you have unpaid interest because your personal property tax payment was late."
"I can just pay it now, I never received a bill for that and I'm standing in the DMV now. I really don't want to get another ticket for expired tags."
"I'll just clear the hold, it's a small amount. Just mail it in when you get the bill."

Would you like to see what the amount is that cost me $65 in a ticket? I bet you do.

Wish granted ;-)

I would be more pissed off if it wasn't so damn funny.


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