Wednesday, March 18, 2009


For the past few months (since the new year) I have been going to yoga classes every Tuesday and Thursday, at least when my schedule allows. Yoga and I previously had a hate/hate relationship in which I took it once in college; a time that happened to coincide with the worst inner ear infection I've ever had, and I almost passed out. I attributed it to the yoga at the time, in retrospect it is obvious that it was due to the vertigo issues my inner ear infection (diagnosed two days later) caused. Also, I kept giggling because there was chanting, ohming and a gong used. Not really my kind of thing.

At my gym I hate their fitness class schedule and setup, which is coincedentally the reason that I originally cancelled my membership after the year commitment was up. But then they kept sending letters with better and better deals until finally they offered 14 months for about $100 working out to $4 a month. No deal anywhere would be better than that, so I re-signed. For some odd reason Ballys offers the classes that I like and used to take when I was at my (post crew) fittest during the day-When no one but housewives and students can go-and at like 8:30 at night which well, no. So I don't really have that many options. Thus my returning to Yoga.

This time around there is no chanting, no gong-ing and most importantly no almost passing out. I feel it the next day but am not noticing any weight loss. I guess there are benefits though to getting marginally more flexible and in better health since without it I wasn't exercising at all. Now my membership is close to running out again, and once again they have offered me a deal that works out to about $6 a month which is way cheaper then I could get anywhere else. I know this, however I just really would like to find a gym that is 1) 24 hours and 2) has fitness classes you can sign up for in bundles (like 12 week packs) so you know that your class will only have a set number of people in it and you follow some sort of routine.

Why is that so impossible to find?

NOTE TO BALLYS: Your class structure is ridiculous. Way too many people show up, you don't know for sure that you'll actually get into a given class and it's impossible to kickbox with people packed into a small hot room like sardines. Please, please, please get some better setup. I have now been asking you this (simple, I would think) request for 6 years isn't it time you actually pay attention?

In college they had this 12 week setup. You would sign up for a fitness class package for a certain amount of money (the gym use was free) and then for classes such as step, it gave the instructors the opportunity to start with the easy step routines at the beginning of the 12 weeks and get more complex at the end. It was a much better idea.


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