Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy March!

As people may have noticed, I am no longer doing American Idol reviews. I have, in fact completely stopped watching the show. Last season I sporadically watched it if there were nothing on. This season I find I'd prefer to watch paint dry then watch it so I haven't. Not even 5 seconds. Not even links to You Tube. Nothing.

You know what I blame this on? Season 5 and the contestants therein. For the first time in my life, as most people know, I became a bit obsessed with the whole thing. The people on that season were incredibly "real" and nice and normal. Through them and hanging out with them, I learned way too much about the awful underbelly of the show. All the things they don't show, all the manipulation going on behind the scenes and in this case, knowing too much really does hurt you. I can't watch it anymore at all. To add insult to injury, having seen one of the contestants perform live a few times I realize how incredibly shafted he was- because he is a wonderful stage performer, he is incredibly talented and instead of helping him nurture that they shoved him into an easily labelled box and essentially cut off his creativity at the knees. He's still trying to climb out from under the awful "American Idol" label. I think it's fine for people like Jordan Sparks or the tool of all tools Chris Daughtry, but they aren't the ones I respect later anyway. And this all coming from someone who thinks Britney Spears rocks- so that should tell you something.

That's probably for the best anyway. Instead I get to learn cool facts from Ghost Hunters International about thousand year old plus castles, watch more Bravo reality tv, and have even begun turning the tv off and reading (novel concept te he) since I rediscovered the library.


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