Thursday, April 30, 2009

Two Things

1) I have come to the conclusion that all representatives should actually represent their districts. If a district is a farming district, it should be a farmer. If a district is heavy on teachers/college professors, it should be one of those. Etc. All representatives will be limited to 4 terms. To run for the Senate you must not make more than 2 times the average salary for the area you are representing. For all offices, the states would be required to set aside an amount of money (left to their discretion and budget) for each candidate to run. They may not put in any of their own money. Network television local affiliates will be required to set aside one spot during primetime for each candidate (as it gets closer to the campaign, it will go up to two spots) at no charge. This spot will be the same amount of time to each candidate, and no one may buy more time.

2) Bill got day work! AND weekends off! As of May 24th (or thereabouts) we will rejoin the world of people living normal (non bat-like) lives.

See you in May.

Monday, April 27, 2009


* We are on the hunt for a house... not to buy (we just can't make ourselves commit to staying in this area for a min of 5 years yet, we'll reevaluate next year), but to rent. It is amazing how incredibly ugly these places really are. It's like people don't realize that if you just spend some money on some updated appliances, paint and basic repairs you would rent so much quicker then the 4 months some of these have been empty. You lost more money then it would have taken to fix. Makes no sense.

* Unfortunately this past weekend was the last one Bill has off in awhile (I've given up hope of him ever being reassigned to day work), so not being able to find a place then means that it's much more difficult for us to look in the future. It may end up requiring some sort of first look by me then complicated scheduling to look at 7pm at night or so for him to be awake.

* Bill is so ready to go that on one of his days off last week he started packing the living room. We won't be leaving until June 1 at the earliest. Yeah... Although I don't blame him, I am quite tired of living in a place that has no room to store anything and is constantly a mess.

* Lea had to go to the vet this morning because of what seemed to be a nasty infection in her butt region. Lea is actually so fat that she can't clean it herself (her belly gets in the way) so she either has to go to the groomer to get shaved back there or we have to clean it. She hadn't been to the groomer in a bit so we were cleaning her and nasty pus like stuff started coming out. Turns out- no infection, but it's irritated and her anal glands were full. So we have a steriod spray that she has to get sprayed on her 2 to 3 times a day.

* Whenever we attempt to do any type of grooming thing to Lea (cutting her nails, cleaning her, brushing her, etc) she screams so loudly that I think our neighbors must believe that we belong to some cult that sacrifices cats to get us closer to God. I'm really surprised that Animal Control or the Humane Society hasn't knocked on our door yet.

* It's hot here, yo. We went from chilly to 90 in one swipe. Got to love DC area non-spring.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Wrap-Up

I know you are supposed to honor and respect thy father and mother, but honestly this is something that I struggle heartily with. I honestly feel that I am the person I am in SPITE of them, not due to them and I don't think that is too far off the mark or disrespectful to say. Some people just pull the short straw on parents I guess.

Observations from Easter Sunday:

* It has occurred to me that my mother seems to think she is in competition with everyone else in my life. She gets a smug look when she thinks that she won, which is ridiculous.

* She seems to really enjoy insulting me. Like not just do it because she doesn't think twice about what comes out of her mouth, but because she truly enjoys it. I think at the core she's a person who makes herself feel better by pointing out the flaws in others.

* I turn into a petulant teenager around her. Like I have a complete inability to either be myself or happy when she is around. Normally I am a very calm, even tempered person. Around her I get snappy, sullen and unexplicably grumpy.

Observations not regarding my mother:

* It's unfortunate that there are ministers out there who have such large egos it is obvious that they think they are the greatest being to walk the earth. It seems to me that doesn't really jive with the job description.

* I went to the church that I went to growing up. This is the exact church that made me hate organized religion for years.

* We went there because it was either that or the mormon church. My mother didn't want to go to any other one.

* We got there right at 11am, which meant that it was so crowded we had a hard time finding seats. We ended up having to get split up and my mother looked positively smug that I had to sit with her while Bill sat somewhere else. Our seats were right up in the very front. We were so close to the action it was a bit disarming.

* I ran into people that I knew back in high school but never talk to anymore. One has two little girls, they are adorable. The other is engaged and getting married two weeks before me. The last one is the same. She'll probably always be exactly the same she was back then.

* I find it strangely annoying when people don't have a single cause that they care about. It seems way too lackadasical to me. Like you can't possibly think that the world is perfect the way it is- and if you don't, then why don't you feel that it is worth it to at least state opinions about what you think is wrong? It's odd to me.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I love the Bravo channel, that's not a secret, but I realized yesterday that my patience is starting to wane on a lot of their shows. I no longer enjoy watching the Millionare Matchmaker because the horse lady has become overly obnoxious to me and the men are usually horrible representations of the male population. If I had to hear one more man in his 50s say that he wanted a young 20s model/actress who wants to settle down immediately and have children I was going to pull my hair out and scream "SHE DOES NOT EXIST!!!!!!!!!!" while hurling a heavy object at the screen. Then the TV would be dead and then what would I do? I also do not watch the Make me a supermodel show because Bill wisely pointed out while I was very loudly complaining that they were calling a girl with a 28 inch waist too fat that by watching it I was supporting it. It has now been relegated to the land of Jon and Kate Plus 8.

I do love me some Housewives of wherever though. I am not ashamed to admit that. And I will watch every episode of Top Chef (but that's just an extension of my weird obsession with cooking shows). I just have to say... the Housewives of NJ looks completely awesome. Atlanta was a flop and I stopped watching halfway through the season so I figured I'd just stick with the OC and the Bethanney show but NJ is totally worth giving a shot.

Also... the TAPS van was spotted on Union Street in Old Town. So excited! I've been waiting for them to head out our way!

Currently my television watching is down to NCIS reruns, UFC fights, It's Me or the Dog, Ghost Hunters, the Housewives of NYC and a littany of cooking shows on the Food Network. I no longer believe in watching new network shows, they really just aren't worth my time. This also makes the argument I've been making to Bill even stronger, if you get rid of cable my productivity would go through the roof.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


K: What time do you want to go to brunch on Easter sunday? I'm making reservations.
Mom: Ooo where are we going?
K: Bilbo Baggins because they don't have a price fixed menu that includes bottomless alcoholic beverages that we'll pay for and not drink.
Mom: Have I been to Bilbo Baggins?
K: I have no idea. What time?
Mom: What church are we going to?
K: I don't care. We can go to yours or mine, but if we go to yours Bill probably won't come.
Mom: What? Why?
K: He doesn't like the mormon church, I don't think he'd be confortable. Why does it matter? I'll go.
Mom: But it's a family day. He has to do everything with us. What is his problem with the church? Didn't he read the Book of Mormon I gave you to take home?
K: A bit.
Mom: And...
K: I don't really want to get into this.
Mom: I want to know why he won't come to church with the family on Easter.
K: He says that he read about 30 pages and there wasn't one mention of Jesus or God yet. He thinks that's weird since that's what everything is supposed to be about.
Mom: I don't think that's true...
K: Look, I dunno. I wasn't really paying attention. What time do you want to go to brunch?
Mom: Well if we go to your church at 5 it should be then.
K: Brunch doesn't run that late.
Mom: Why not?
K: Ummm... because it's brunch. It ends at 2 or 3. Because then they start serving dinner.
Mom: Oh. Well are you going to get up and go to sacrament with me at 8?
K: Can't we go to another ward? Just for the day? So it's at a better time?
Mom: I'm not sure when they meet. Have I been to Bilbo Baggins before?
K: Well look it up and call me back.
Mom: Where is it located?
K: Does it really matter if you've been there before?
Mom: Well I just want to know if I have.
K: I have no idea where you go. I have not been there before so you didn't go with me.
Mom: Is it upstairs of a building?
K: I haven't been there before.
Mom: Does it look like...
K: I have.not.been.there.before. Just call me back and tell me when you want to go.

I'm not going to lie, sometimes she really tries my patience.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


* I'm going to lean away from doing memes on here since I do a few over on my facebook page. If you want to read memes- go there.

* I've been working really hard to find something good about every day. Something positive to be happy is in my life. I realized that I tend to be friends with a lot of complainers and I have a natural tendency to dwell on what is wrong and what I'm not doing perfectly. This causes large stress levels in my life so I'm trying to move away from that resulting, I hope, in my being a happier and more optimistic person overall.

* Dini has been with us for over a week now (3 weeks left to go), luckily she's feeling a lot better now. She's still sleeping a lot but she has been getting out of her cage for a few hours every night and running after the cats and playing until she gets pooped out.

* This week I finalized the last of the major venders for the wedding. What a huge relief to realize that even if I did nothing else, at this point everyone will be clothed, fed, entertained and we will be wed. Really, in the end- what else matters?

* On tap for the rest of this week: stuffing easter eggs for the easter egg hunt at church and finishing gluing the mats on my DIY invitations.