Wednesday, April 1, 2009


* I'm going to lean away from doing memes on here since I do a few over on my facebook page. If you want to read memes- go there.

* I've been working really hard to find something good about every day. Something positive to be happy is in my life. I realized that I tend to be friends with a lot of complainers and I have a natural tendency to dwell on what is wrong and what I'm not doing perfectly. This causes large stress levels in my life so I'm trying to move away from that resulting, I hope, in my being a happier and more optimistic person overall.

* Dini has been with us for over a week now (3 weeks left to go), luckily she's feeling a lot better now. She's still sleeping a lot but she has been getting out of her cage for a few hours every night and running after the cats and playing until she gets pooped out.

* This week I finalized the last of the major venders for the wedding. What a huge relief to realize that even if I did nothing else, at this point everyone will be clothed, fed, entertained and we will be wed. Really, in the end- what else matters?

* On tap for the rest of this week: stuffing easter eggs for the easter egg hunt at church and finishing gluing the mats on my DIY invitations.


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