Thursday, April 2, 2009


K: What time do you want to go to brunch on Easter sunday? I'm making reservations.
Mom: Ooo where are we going?
K: Bilbo Baggins because they don't have a price fixed menu that includes bottomless alcoholic beverages that we'll pay for and not drink.
Mom: Have I been to Bilbo Baggins?
K: I have no idea. What time?
Mom: What church are we going to?
K: I don't care. We can go to yours or mine, but if we go to yours Bill probably won't come.
Mom: What? Why?
K: He doesn't like the mormon church, I don't think he'd be confortable. Why does it matter? I'll go.
Mom: But it's a family day. He has to do everything with us. What is his problem with the church? Didn't he read the Book of Mormon I gave you to take home?
K: A bit.
Mom: And...
K: I don't really want to get into this.
Mom: I want to know why he won't come to church with the family on Easter.
K: He says that he read about 30 pages and there wasn't one mention of Jesus or God yet. He thinks that's weird since that's what everything is supposed to be about.
Mom: I don't think that's true...
K: Look, I dunno. I wasn't really paying attention. What time do you want to go to brunch?
Mom: Well if we go to your church at 5 it should be then.
K: Brunch doesn't run that late.
Mom: Why not?
K: Ummm... because it's brunch. It ends at 2 or 3. Because then they start serving dinner.
Mom: Oh. Well are you going to get up and go to sacrament with me at 8?
K: Can't we go to another ward? Just for the day? So it's at a better time?
Mom: I'm not sure when they meet. Have I been to Bilbo Baggins before?
K: Well look it up and call me back.
Mom: Where is it located?
K: Does it really matter if you've been there before?
Mom: Well I just want to know if I have.
K: I have no idea where you go. I have not been there before so you didn't go with me.
Mom: Is it upstairs of a building?
K: I haven't been there before.
Mom: Does it look like...
K: I have.not.been.there.before. Just call me back and tell me when you want to go.

I'm not going to lie, sometimes she really tries my patience.


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