Monday, April 27, 2009


* We are on the hunt for a house... not to buy (we just can't make ourselves commit to staying in this area for a min of 5 years yet, we'll reevaluate next year), but to rent. It is amazing how incredibly ugly these places really are. It's like people don't realize that if you just spend some money on some updated appliances, paint and basic repairs you would rent so much quicker then the 4 months some of these have been empty. You lost more money then it would have taken to fix. Makes no sense.

* Unfortunately this past weekend was the last one Bill has off in awhile (I've given up hope of him ever being reassigned to day work), so not being able to find a place then means that it's much more difficult for us to look in the future. It may end up requiring some sort of first look by me then complicated scheduling to look at 7pm at night or so for him to be awake.

* Bill is so ready to go that on one of his days off last week he started packing the living room. We won't be leaving until June 1 at the earliest. Yeah... Although I don't blame him, I am quite tired of living in a place that has no room to store anything and is constantly a mess.

* Lea had to go to the vet this morning because of what seemed to be a nasty infection in her butt region. Lea is actually so fat that she can't clean it herself (her belly gets in the way) so she either has to go to the groomer to get shaved back there or we have to clean it. She hadn't been to the groomer in a bit so we were cleaning her and nasty pus like stuff started coming out. Turns out- no infection, but it's irritated and her anal glands were full. So we have a steriod spray that she has to get sprayed on her 2 to 3 times a day.

* Whenever we attempt to do any type of grooming thing to Lea (cutting her nails, cleaning her, brushing her, etc) she screams so loudly that I think our neighbors must believe that we belong to some cult that sacrifices cats to get us closer to God. I'm really surprised that Animal Control or the Humane Society hasn't knocked on our door yet.

* It's hot here, yo. We went from chilly to 90 in one swipe. Got to love DC area non-spring.


BU said...

I have to deal with Booty's anal glands all the time. Here's a gross pro-tip: Pretend like you're vigorously but lightly patting the cat's ass, but move your hand down a few inches so you're patting between their ass and the crook behind their knees. This makes them reflexively squirt.

I learned this the unfortunate way when we were eating and I tried to pat Booty off the table.

BU said...



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