Thursday, April 30, 2009

Two Things

1) I have come to the conclusion that all representatives should actually represent their districts. If a district is a farming district, it should be a farmer. If a district is heavy on teachers/college professors, it should be one of those. Etc. All representatives will be limited to 4 terms. To run for the Senate you must not make more than 2 times the average salary for the area you are representing. For all offices, the states would be required to set aside an amount of money (left to their discretion and budget) for each candidate to run. They may not put in any of their own money. Network television local affiliates will be required to set aside one spot during primetime for each candidate (as it gets closer to the campaign, it will go up to two spots) at no charge. This spot will be the same amount of time to each candidate, and no one may buy more time.

2) Bill got day work! AND weekends off! As of May 24th (or thereabouts) we will rejoin the world of people living normal (non bat-like) lives.

See you in May.


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