Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I love the Bravo channel, that's not a secret, but I realized yesterday that my patience is starting to wane on a lot of their shows. I no longer enjoy watching the Millionare Matchmaker because the horse lady has become overly obnoxious to me and the men are usually horrible representations of the male population. If I had to hear one more man in his 50s say that he wanted a young 20s model/actress who wants to settle down immediately and have children I was going to pull my hair out and scream "SHE DOES NOT EXIST!!!!!!!!!!" while hurling a heavy object at the screen. Then the TV would be dead and then what would I do? I also do not watch the Make me a supermodel show because Bill wisely pointed out while I was very loudly complaining that they were calling a girl with a 28 inch waist too fat that by watching it I was supporting it. It has now been relegated to the land of Jon and Kate Plus 8.

I do love me some Housewives of wherever though. I am not ashamed to admit that. And I will watch every episode of Top Chef (but that's just an extension of my weird obsession with cooking shows). I just have to say... the Housewives of NJ looks completely awesome. Atlanta was a flop and I stopped watching halfway through the season so I figured I'd just stick with the OC and the Bethanney show but NJ is totally worth giving a shot.

Also... the TAPS van was spotted on Union Street in Old Town. So excited! I've been waiting for them to head out our way!

Currently my television watching is down to NCIS reruns, UFC fights, It's Me or the Dog, Ghost Hunters, the Housewives of NYC and a littany of cooking shows on the Food Network. I no longer believe in watching new network shows, they really just aren't worth my time. This also makes the argument I've been making to Bill even stronger, if you get rid of cable my productivity would go through the roof.


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