Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Fragments

* I have been bad about updating this here blog, but that's just life getting in the way. We are moving next week so that's incredibly exciting since we've lived in near constant fear of one of our piles of crap falling over and killing us (or at least thoroughly knocking us out) for the last year. We found a cute 3 floor duplex with a huge backyard and deck (and an attic and basement for storage) for less than we pay in rent now, muchless what they were charging us as an increase. Oh, and it's in Alexandria. Beat that :-P

* Next week will be a flurry of packing, moving, buying new stuff for the new place, etc. I think I'm almost more excited about the prospect of getting to buy new furniture including the first new (real) couch I've had since I was 12.

* Fun fact: when I was in college my mother decided to fully embrace her nomadic qualities and sold all of our furniture. Then made new "furniture" out of xerox boxes and plywood. She figured this made her life much easier because 2/3 of her stuff was packed all the time (in the boxes that made the furniture). She still lives that way even though she has not moved from her current location in 6 years.

* Tomorrow I have my weight watchers meeting and then I'm going with Lindsey to order her bridesmaid's dress. I am going with because apparently when you order a dress they will give you a free scrap of the fabric, but if I just went in alone I'd have to pay for it. Nevermind that because of me that company is selling 5 dresses they wouldn't otherwise... they want proof ;-)

* Alaina and I joined weight watcher's 3 weeks ago (as of tomorrow) in an effort to jumpstart ourselves into making better eating choices. Our friend Allie has lost over 75 lbs through weight watchers, they should make her a spokesperson.

* Last week I lost 2.4 lbs but since I went to 3 bbqs in 3 days over memorial day weekend I'm going to guess that I gained that back this week (and maybe then some). I also went to Olive Garden this week, which if you are wondering, is like the devil's home for those in weight watchers.

* I ordered the portobello mushroom ravioli I always do although it's 15 points alone, plus I had the Pasta e Fagioli soup which is 2 points and a breadstick which is 3 points. So that's 20 points... I'm allowed to have 21 for the entire day.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Brian over at Urizone! has already commented on this but this story is too ridiculous to pass up.

Three students are getting recognized for having perfect attendance, one- the headliner of the story has not only attended school every day for 13 years but has also had straight As since 4th grade. Instead of someone helping her out with this obvious affliction, she has been celebrated! Thank you for coming to school every day! Even though you were most likely sick at least one of those days and infected everyone else! Even though there are other things that are more important! I am not a huge fan of school and I honestly feel that once you get past the free part it's just a scam to make money, a ton of money. We just play along because it's required for jobs. I have learned more working then I ever did in school and *gasp* it's actually applicable to life. In fact, I informed my mother last week that I think they should just bring back apprentiship programs. I might feel differently about this if our entire educational system were to be overhauled, if anything I think it's gotten worse, not better, since I left because now they spend half their time preparing for standardized tests.

My school life went like this: Elementary school was alright, then in 5th grade my mom moved me to another school with a better math teacher. I was incessantly bullied, no one did anything about it and came home every day crying until she finally saw the light and sent me back to my original school... only to move me the following year. Also, she didn't send me back in time and I had already learned that the greatest defense to bullying was to not be the teacher's pet, never do homework and never get the top grade on anything. Thus, when I was thrown back into a school in 7th grade with a lot of the same people I was with in 5th grade (pesky Junior high schools) I stopped doing all homework as a rule. Instead I gossiped during class, ignored teachers and whined about getting bad grades on tests because that way I was one of them! I blended!

In eighth grade someone informed me that colleges actually only look at your final grades (the average of all the quarters plus your final), a rule which I then exploited for the remainder of my time in school. Tired of english class? Take a quarter off, then go back to getting As and you'll be fine. This was incredibly annoying to all my teachers who would inform my mother every single teacher's conference that I was so smart and yet did nothing. They couldn't understand it. Oh yeah? Go back to the living hell that was 5th grade, that might explain it.

High school- or at least my high school there was one true fact, if you are smart enough, you can coast by without ever truly being challenged or having to do anything but still get good enough grades to get into college. I also skipped an entire month of school at the end of my senior year to study for my AP tests by claiming I had a mysterious illness in which my fever came and went for no reason. My mother did take me to the doctor and somehow the fever that before was only achieved with help of lamps (don't knock it, it works) was there. I call it mind over matter ;-) I was a prime example of someone that would have been better off, if there was as comprehensive of a homeschool program as there is available now, to just be homeschooled.

The moral of this story is... most of school is a waste of time and busy work with a spattering of funnish extra curricular activities. The only things that really matter are what you read/learn most of which you can do without the aid of teachers (I'm not knocking teachers, it's just been my experience that they are overworked, have too many students, too regulated on what they can and cannot do, etc) if you care enough to, and AP exams which give you college credit meaning you can take less classes in college. All that I got out of that post article is that girl spent a shit ton of energy doing something that in reality takes a lot less. She'll burn out halfway through college and/or end up on anti-anxiety meds.

I guarantee it.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


**WARNING: This will make me sound insensitive, and a bit mean**

I read a blog called Portraits of An Economy started by the lady over on Girls Gone Child in order to keep track of the changes in our economy across the country. Most stories make me sad, sympathetic, or you see the silver lining in having to make large changes to your life. However, the most recent one? I am not sympathetic at all. Notice if you read the entry that there is zero mention until the VERY end about her ever trying to get a job. She apparently just sat around worrying about money, and now she's still not working because it's a work from home job that doesn't have enough money to employ her at the moment. We are going to ignore the fact that she moved to FL with her bf before she was even 18, and even if she didn't graduate from high school that's what GEDs are for and focus on the fact that she saw no problem with living off her boyfriend's McDonald's manager salary. She never did anything to earn extra money. Nothing. Even if you can't get a great job; there are retail jobs, part time jobs, you can even post notices offering babysitting/dogwalking/etc services. If you are $100 short, find some skill that you have to earn that $100.

Maybe I just don't understand because I would never, ever just sit on my butt when we didn't have enough money for rent. If someone offered me that $100 to pick gum out of urinals I'd strap on some gloves and do it. Also, if you are short on rent you cancel the goddamn cable, you don't get evicted because you had to watch your stories. If they give you $57 dollars in food stamps and you can't afford to supplement that without not affording your rent, then you learn to make do with beans and rice with some discounted dented cans of vegetables for every meal. What is wrong with people?