Wednesday, May 6, 2009


**WARNING: This will make me sound insensitive, and a bit mean**

I read a blog called Portraits of An Economy started by the lady over on Girls Gone Child in order to keep track of the changes in our economy across the country. Most stories make me sad, sympathetic, or you see the silver lining in having to make large changes to your life. However, the most recent one? I am not sympathetic at all. Notice if you read the entry that there is zero mention until the VERY end about her ever trying to get a job. She apparently just sat around worrying about money, and now she's still not working because it's a work from home job that doesn't have enough money to employ her at the moment. We are going to ignore the fact that she moved to FL with her bf before she was even 18, and even if she didn't graduate from high school that's what GEDs are for and focus on the fact that she saw no problem with living off her boyfriend's McDonald's manager salary. She never did anything to earn extra money. Nothing. Even if you can't get a great job; there are retail jobs, part time jobs, you can even post notices offering babysitting/dogwalking/etc services. If you are $100 short, find some skill that you have to earn that $100.

Maybe I just don't understand because I would never, ever just sit on my butt when we didn't have enough money for rent. If someone offered me that $100 to pick gum out of urinals I'd strap on some gloves and do it. Also, if you are short on rent you cancel the goddamn cable, you don't get evicted because you had to watch your stories. If they give you $57 dollars in food stamps and you can't afford to supplement that without not affording your rent, then you learn to make do with beans and rice with some discounted dented cans of vegetables for every meal. What is wrong with people?


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