Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Fragments

* I have been bad about updating this here blog, but that's just life getting in the way. We are moving next week so that's incredibly exciting since we've lived in near constant fear of one of our piles of crap falling over and killing us (or at least thoroughly knocking us out) for the last year. We found a cute 3 floor duplex with a huge backyard and deck (and an attic and basement for storage) for less than we pay in rent now, muchless what they were charging us as an increase. Oh, and it's in Alexandria. Beat that :-P

* Next week will be a flurry of packing, moving, buying new stuff for the new place, etc. I think I'm almost more excited about the prospect of getting to buy new furniture including the first new (real) couch I've had since I was 12.

* Fun fact: when I was in college my mother decided to fully embrace her nomadic qualities and sold all of our furniture. Then made new "furniture" out of xerox boxes and plywood. She figured this made her life much easier because 2/3 of her stuff was packed all the time (in the boxes that made the furniture). She still lives that way even though she has not moved from her current location in 6 years.

* Tomorrow I have my weight watchers meeting and then I'm going with Lindsey to order her bridesmaid's dress. I am going with because apparently when you order a dress they will give you a free scrap of the fabric, but if I just went in alone I'd have to pay for it. Nevermind that because of me that company is selling 5 dresses they wouldn't otherwise... they want proof ;-)

* Alaina and I joined weight watcher's 3 weeks ago (as of tomorrow) in an effort to jumpstart ourselves into making better eating choices. Our friend Allie has lost over 75 lbs through weight watchers, they should make her a spokesperson.

* Last week I lost 2.4 lbs but since I went to 3 bbqs in 3 days over memorial day weekend I'm going to guess that I gained that back this week (and maybe then some). I also went to Olive Garden this week, which if you are wondering, is like the devil's home for those in weight watchers.

* I ordered the portobello mushroom ravioli I always do although it's 15 points alone, plus I had the Pasta e Fagioli soup which is 2 points and a breadstick which is 3 points. So that's 20 points... I'm allowed to have 21 for the entire day.


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