Monday, June 15, 2009


As I mentioned, we have been moving. It was a long and laborous process that is still ongoing. Moving is always a lot more fun in theory, or when just thinking about how you are moving to a better place (for whatever reason or another). It's not so much fun when it requires the physical labor, and the cleaning... oh my, the cleaning.

I resolve to be a better housecleaner and to stick on schedules for big jobs like mopping floors, carpet cleaning, etc. instead of just letting things slide by as "clean enough."

Pics of the new house will be forthcoming, right now there isn't much to see since we have very little furniture and there are still boxes everywhere. Also, if you are in the area you can come see it in person because we'll have a housewarming bbq once things calm down a bit.

Upcoming events: On Saturday I go to the beach for the week for Alaina and I's annual girls beach week. Bill is going down to Georgia to visit his parents for part of the time I'm gone. Then we'll work on getting some couches in.

Hopefully the next time we move it will be to a place that we have bought, and thus know that we won't move again for quite awhile. :-)

Oh and also: Brian, we moved to a duplex near Huntington Metro.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Will be back.