Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Welcome to cleaning off the camera card day! This is where I share with you any random photos I found, aren't you excited? ;-)

This is one of the spider crickets that I started finding in our apartment right before we moved out. I have never been so relieved by good timing in my life- especially after the thing jumped at me when I tried to kill it. Eeek!

Lea got shaved by the groomer. It's hard to tell because her spots are so prominent but she has a lion shave (meaning her head and tip of her tail are still furry and everything else is just fuzzy). She's so much cooler now and sheds much less, which is awesome.

Another pic, just because she's cute. Notice how much thinner she looks with less fur- we were really surprised by that. She definitely still has her pooch though.

Don't want Lizzy to feel left out! ;-) She went out exploring the backyard this weekend... and promptly found the hole to squeeze through into the neighbors yard and then the hole to squeeze through to the basketball court behind our fence. Silly goose.

Whenever I'd tell people "Bill has a ridiculous amount of sports equipment that he never uses" they thought I meant like maybe a basketball or something. This is Lindsey modeling what exactly I meant (this was on moving day thus the grungy clothes)- minus one tennis racket and a pair of Rollerblades.

This past weekend we spent a lot of time on the yard... and by we I mean Bill though I did help to mix top soil into some sickly looking dirt patches in our yard before he reseeded. It looks so much prettier far away like this. Soon we plan on replacing those chairs with real deck furniture.

We also put up blinds on the first floor and in the bathroom. It's starting to look homier, but we still have no couches. Not until next week. Boo! :-(


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