Monday, July 20, 2009

Reason 1001 why Kim needs a GPS

Our new place has a deck, a large deck. Which needs a decent sized table on it so that it is somewhat in proportion meaning that Bill and I began looking for patio furniture. Having never looked for patio furniture before I had no clue how freaking expensive it is. Seriously? $1000 for a table and chairs that it's going to rain on and birds will poop on? Ridiculous. We were a bit fed up so on Sunday when we went to Lowes for some top soil we thought hey maybe there is in store pricing that's somehow cheaper than what we saw online... thank goodness that occurred to us because we found a set that was a close out and only rang in at a small fraction of the above mentioned price. There had to be a catch we said, and well there was. The Lowes in Alexandria only had the tables, no chairs except for the floor models (one of which was scratched). They checked all of the Lowes around us and no one had any, but wait the Sterling Lowes had 2 sets.

So we call them and explain that I will be by to pick them up Monday night and could they set some aside. It turns out that they actually only had the chairs left and no tables so no problem. No one wants just the chairs anyway. It should be noted here that this set actually does not match at all, not even close, any other set they have. Different color metal entirely. I had such a great plan: leave work at 4, takes about 45 minutes to get to the Sterling Lowes then 40 minutes to get to Bethesda where I was meeting Melanie for dinner at 6. Leaving me time to get in the store, buy the chairs and load them in the car and still be on time. Such a wonderful plan... in theory.

The problem arose when I realized after driving up and down Sully Rd as it got more and more crowded and approached the witching hour of 5pm that the street my Google maps print out told me to turn on 0.5 miles after I merged did not actually exist. Not 0.5 miles down, not 10 miles down. In either direction. I had no idea where to go, it was somewhere called Dulles Crossing which would imply if this area had any logic at all that it was in the immediate area around Dulles airport, but of course it wasn't really. Out of desperation I started taking each exit hoping that maybe it was one of those weird streets that had two names and going a little ways down each looking for a shopping center with a Lowes. That got me nowhere. Finally out of pure desperation at a light on Old Ox Road I got a cab driver (empty cab heading to the airport to pick up a passenger) to follow me into a parking lot to look up the address on his GPS. When a cabbie that barely speaks English looks horrified that you do not have a GPS that generally means that it's time to give in and buy one.

The nice cabbie looks it up for me, gives me the directions, I drive there based on the memorized directions (I was quite proud of that by the way, there were no pens in my car to write anything down) and then I realize how many shopping centers are in that area and I had no clue which one it was. So I drove completely around 3 massive shopping areas until I finally spotted it, at which moment I would liken the feeling that invaded my body to be akin to finding water in a desert.

Another sign that it might be time to buy a GPS is when you got to Sterling at 4:30 and did not make it to the Lowes that was maybe 5 miles away until 6pm.

Pathetic but true.


SB said...

iPhone! I'm never lost anymore. :)

That sucks though. Remind me never to live in Sterling, Virginia.

BU said...

Google probably hasn't kept up with the overhaul of Sully Road -- one by one, they're taking out intersections with lights and replacing them with overpasses, so you can eventually travel the whole thing without stopping. The Dulles Crossing exit was the one to close most recently!

talklesssaymore said...

SB- We were thinking about adding at least 1 Iphone to our plan but the data package that's required is like $80 a month. That's crazy yo.

BU- Well that's inconvenient. Tell your city to stop changing things.

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