Monday, August 31, 2009


In the new house we had a problem with ants. They would make a little trail from the back door, through the kitchen next to the sink and towards the cat food dishes. While I hate ants and found this annoying, I understood it and that there was little I could actually do about it. The cats food has to sit out (or the skinny one loses weight) and I prefer the ants stay on the floor instead of marching up to the countertops in pursuit of food. Sometimes when my annoyance veered towards sadistic I would spray the whole line of them with kitchen cleaner and that would make me feel better.

Then one day they disappeared. No more ants! I thought I had succeeded in detering them from the house.

But no. Instead they have now invaded my bathroom. This I do NOT understand... there's nothing in there to eat. They are all over the mouthwash bottles like they are tasty morsels while I can't imagine that they are. They are on the walls, in the windowsill, on the sink. Argh!!

*Note: must get ant traps tonight*

Thursday, August 27, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday, Vol. 4

1. I had a fight with Ballys this week, a large fight. As I wrote last week, I had to cancel my PT sessions on Monday and Wednesday. Wednesday was because I wasn't home from Richmond in time and Monday was mostly due to his moving around times on me. Well Wed and there after no one would return my calls to schedule to come in. I called Diego probably 8 times I'd guess, went into the gym to see if I could catch him, then I tried contacting the head of the PT department with zero luck. Finally I got fed up and called the corporate number. The first guy was helpful and contacted the Operating Manager of the gym who told me to come in to see her sometime that day. "Whenever I could make it in was fine" direct quote. I went in less than 2 hours later and she was gone for the day. When I asked for her at the front desk the girl working was quite rude and rolled her eyes at me while the other two employees snickered. I wish I could say I was kidding. Obviously I was quite livid at that point and called corporate again. The guy I got this time told me that I was clearly just overemotional, didn't try hard enough and had buyer's remorse. Needless to say, that did NOT calm me down.

Luckily for everyone involved the Pentagon City gym met with me and worked out a way to fix it. I get what seems to be a great trainer, and he guaranteed that barring illness he will be there at exactly the same time three days a week. That's really all I was asking for.

2) I got my first issue of Fine Cooking magazine and for someone who is definitely not a magazine person (I hate them and never read them unless I force myself to at the gym or something) I love it a lot. Not only is it chock full of recipes which is why I ordered it, they have some really great tips about how to prepare things, they explain what some terms you may not know are and are just wonderful about explaining everything in ways anyone would understand. Helpful tidbit for you: if you are cutting the kernels off ears of corn, use a bundt pan. You put the ear in the center and as you cut the kernels off they are collected in the pan instead of bouncing everywhere after missing the plate. You are welcome :-)

3) The girls and I tried out Rustico on Monday night. Very good food, very small portions so quite in line with most trendy places in urban areas. I was still so hungry when I was done that I almost started gnawing on the chicken bone, luckily I'm too polite to embarrass the others in that way ;-) Happily, we found a bakery on the way back to the parking lot that sold red velvet cupcakes and at home I had ice cream in the freezer.

4) Have any of you seen the orginal format We Are Marshall? Not on TV but the actual DVD? Did you notice that it's like they did the cut scenes preparing for it to be played on TV. Instead of the easy transitions of most movies it would fade to black anytime you'd imagine a commercial would be inserted. Weird.

5) We picked up our wedding bands on Wed night from Tysons and I feel like a horribly silly girl because I keep wanting to put mine on. I mean, come on, it's not like I'm not going to get enough chances to wear it since ideally starting October 17 I will wear it for the rest of my life. And yet... I still keep sitting on the couch with it on. It's pretty. :-)

6) I noticed for the first time last night that when I give Lizzy her pill she literally foams at the mouth. I panicked and made Bill look at her and he nonchalantly said "yeah that's what she does, she hates them." How did I never notice that before? Now I feel bad about making her take them.

7) Solomon, my new trainer, informed me today that letting your interior obliques get too lazy (aka not pulling in your stomach) is really bad. Because they'll just keep stretching out and then when you get pregnant you could get a hole torn in them and your stomach will never have the ability to go flat again. I'm not sure that's actually true but it was horrifying and you bet I was a whole lot better pulling in my stomach for the rest of the session.

Photo Thursdays

Since the church I attend is quite modern in that it has no pews, sold their organ on Ebay and uses cafe tables we had to borrow a Methodist church in our district that is more traditional but will still let our minister do the ceremony. I saw the church sanctuary back in December so I had actually kind of forgotten what it looked like so Alaina and I went back to better visualize what kind of decorations it would need.

If you are curious, this is what the place looks like. :-)


Monday, August 24, 2009


(Latest Pet Peeve list)

I really try to not get aggravated with people or situations because I generally feel that it's usually a waste of time and energy. Especially if they are largely (or fully) unchangeable. With that said, however... these are my latest annoyances.

1) Charity drives at work.
Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against charity... or drives. However, I think that in this area there is a strong division between those who go to church and those who do not. Those who do not think it's a good idea to organize drives through our office building for Back to School supplies, Christmas angels, etc. Those who go to church realize that we have the exact same drives through our churches, a place we'd naturally be inclined to participate. Asking people to do the same drives twice (and in tandem to boot) is silly and uneffective. I think work places should stick to more general things (that are a pain to have to drop off yourself) like canned food or clothing donations. It's not just my opinion that they are uneffective, the amount of panicked emails I get because they aren't getting enough participation show me that I am correct. Interestingly enough, they never have issues getting people involved when it's for a person at our company who needs help or for the canned food or clothing donation drives. Ahem.

2) My mother's incapability to listen.
This is not due to any medical reason, it's because she has always lacked the ability to pay attention to only one thing at a time. If you call to talk to her, she's most likely doing 5 other things at the same time. This wouldn't be a problem if she were an effective multitasker but she is not; what ends up happening is that you have to tell her the same thing at least 3 times before it occurs... and then she most likely will still call saying "I forget... was it Tuesday or Wed?"

3) My group of friends
Don't get me wrong, I love them. I love spending time with them, and they are wonderful people. However, I think maybe due to the fact that we all are/will pair up late in life we have gotten into the habit of everything being "girls only." It's driving me nuts. I think it's fun to do stuff that's girls only once in awhile, but with everyone's busy schedules most of us don't really get to go out all that often so if I do have a free night to go out to dinner in a place I haven't gone before I'd appreciate being able to bring Bill instead of leaving him home to eat leftover pizza. However, if I told them this I would guarantee I'd get a perplexed look of why can't he just stay home? what's the big deal? Well yes, he CAN but see I like him and I like spending time with him. And I like spending time with you. Why can't we mesh those together more often without feeling like I'm committing some cardinal sin against femalehood?

Friday, August 21, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday Vol. 3

1) This week I have really struggled with dealing with it being okay if I can't get everything done on my To Do list. Life gets in the way sometimes and I do need to sleep so you know what? If a couple things don't happen it's not the crisis that I tend to think it is. I was discussing this with Bill at dinner on Wed and it went something like this:
Me: "Why can't there be more hours in the day? I can't ever get everything done. Like on Monday I had that late meeting which knocked everything back so I didn't get home from grocery shopping until after 7, then was late for women's group and got back from that at 9:45 and not only did dinner not get made but I didn't clean the kitchen or living room. Then I added cleaning the kitchen to my to do list on Tuesday but still the living room has not been cleaned?!?"
Bill: "The living room doesn't need to get cleaned, it's fine. You have anxiety issues sometimes."
Me: "But then it builds until it reaches a crisis point of dirty."
Bill: "And when it hits the crisis point we'll clean it."
Me: *blink* *blink*

Yeah, I do have anxiety issues sometimes. This also illustrates a fundamental difference between men and women that I've noticed. Women like to clean as they go along so that it never gets horribly bad, Men don't even think to clean until it's dirty enough that they'll actually see it.

2) I had to cancel both my Monday and Wednesday Personal Training appointments because of "life happening" and now I feel like I've reverted to the point that I started at. Which is a horribly maddening feeling. I'm a bit annoyed anyway because the first week I had my appointments all at 4pm which is the most convenient time for me since the gym is next to my office and not near my house (I work from 7:45/8 to 3:45/4). This week Diego threw out the fact that I was at 4 all last week and moved me to 5 which honestly bugs me because it's just not convenient. It pushes back my whole night to where I don't get home until an hour later and then I get an hour later start on the stuff I want to do (besides the 4pm hour is a dead zone usually at work, but sometimes I do have meetings that start at 5 or so). I would think that if you have someone that you know will be a consistent 3 days a week you just stick with the time that they liked.

3) On Wednesday I had "get passport" on my To Do list which seemed easy enough, but then we realized that I didn't have the correct birth certificate and we couldn't find the correct one because it's buried in the office of doom (our home office that hasn't actually been unpacked yet so it's stuffed full of stuff). Nor could my mom find my passport from when I was a baby, which apparently would still work to show that I am a citizen of the US. So we piled into the car at about 12:15 with 5 minutes notice to drive down to Richmond to the VA Health Records Department to get an official birth certificate. Took a 4 hour drive, and it was 25 minutes car-to-car to have Birth Certificate in hand. We stopped to eat before leaving and then stopped at Potomac Mills on the way home though, so we tried to make it a little more fun. We could have had it mailed but they said it took 4 weeks to mail it to do and the passport office takes 6 weeks which equals 10 weeks, we are leaving in 8.

4) At Potomac Mills we realized that "outlet" is starting to mean people who love labels and are willing to still pay way too much for an item of clothing because it's 40% off the original overpriced amount. We are not those people. We are the people who pay less than $30 for shoes and buy coats in the offseason just to save money. For fun I tried on two dresses at the BCBG outlet which were hysterical on, one made me look like a black and white cupcake and one looked like I was an extra on Star Trek. Needless to say, those were put back on the rack and we left empty handed. We originally stopped because we wanted to go to the huge fabric store they had there, but it was replaced by a Neiman Marcus Last Call which is so sad.

5) We were looking for an outlet fabric store because the fabric my mom and I want to use to make the table runners for the wedding is $9.99 a yard at the normal fabric store, which is pricey. I may have to try to find something comprable at a discounter online instead but that always makes me nervous. It's so hard to tell what colors would look like in person when it's online.

6) On Thursday after feeling lazy all week I tried out a kickboxing class during lunch. It was pretty fun (but hard!) and what got me is that the cool down was Yoga. Umm... last I checked Yoga was it's own class. It's not a cool down. I think I may start adding that in on Tuesdays. I'd love to do two days but classes for the fall start up next week and I have class on Thursday afternoons starting at 4:15 so I can't take a lunch that day. But that puts me up to 4 times a week once I get back on a PT schedule, not so bad.

7) Bill has been wanting to start up a softball team but can't quite get the numbers on his own to do it. His new idea is to sign up and get placed on a team, but we are unsure about me doing it. I don't like it when people yell at me or get super competitive and tell me I suck. Maybe we'll check out the batting cages to test how good I'd be at hitting a slow pitch softball and if I'm passable I'll do it, if I am not so good I'll be the best cheering section ever at their games.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Photo Thursdays

Okay, so my idea to start doing Photo Thursdays with a prompt provided by a Photo Thursday site has failed. I really just don't have time to seek out stuff filling the prompt and then take pictures of it. Instead on my "photo thursdays" I'm going to just share a picture of something that I either took during the week or happened during the week.

These are my first attempt pitas. They taste like pita but they didn't quite puff up as much as they were supposed to, so next time I'll have to knead the dough better I think and I need to make sure I let them rest for all the times I was supposed to. But like I said, they taste fine they were just really difficult to slit without cutting through the top or the bottom.

Also, I really need a rolling pin. Using a mug wasn't the easiest.

Monday, August 17, 2009


I think this is supposed to be "cute" but it fails. I have declared it officially the rudest, laziest thing I've ever seen. If I actually got it from someone I'd want to take my gift back.

Click on it to make it larger and see it in all it's glory.

Side note: why is it so hard to find Thank You cards with just the words "Thank You" on the front? Apparently they all have the two people's names instead with a design. Wouldn't it make more sense to have thank you cards that if you have extras you could use them later for Christmas/birthday/etc? Or does that just make me cheap? ;-)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

7 QuickTakes Fridays Vol. 2

1) Last weekend wedding wise we accomplished getting the bulk of the invites sent out, buying our wedding bands, and filling out the info for tuxes so the group can go to their respective Men's Warehouses and get measured now. Interesting side note regarding the ring situation- my ring was Bill's mother, grandmother and great grandmother's ring and we had always planned to reset it since I never wear yellow gold. We found out when we went in however that it was actually cut in the mine (before jewelers existed) so it's a crude cut that isn't done anymore. We have to leave it as is. It's off with the band getting re sized to my child sized hands so I am single for 2 weeks! ;-)

2) The training sessions are going well and have completely proved my point that I clearly wasn't making myself work hard enough. I'm not as weak as I'd like to think sometimes. In a week I've lost 4% body fat gone down from 35.4 to 31% (Bill says that's impossible and one week I must have been mismeasured so take the numbers with a grain of salt but clearly I've lost something). I hurt almost all the time though, but I suppose that's good.

3) I have decided that if I can get down to a size 8, I will celebrate by going out and buying new clothes. I hate most of what I have but it's comfortable for me by providing tent like coverage over the belly I dislike so much. I'll probably pack them away instead of getting rid of them though because I begrudgingly admit that they would completely work as maternity clothes (and thus everyone thinking I'm pregnant all the time). No point in buying specialty clothes when you have stuff that works just as well.

4) We met with Calla our wedding planner last night, and I feel better that we have things under control. It's so easy to feel like you are behind and have so much to do, but having someone say no you are doing really well is helpful. Disclosure: the sole reason we have a wedding planner is because our reception venue is a working museum thus we can't get in to set up the bottom floor until 6pm. The wedding ceremony starts at 5:30pm. Do you see the problem? It was either hiring someone or asking a parent to miss the ceremony which did not appeal to us.

5) Sometimes I get the feeling that people are annoyed with me because I'm so opinionated about certain things and wish that I'd keep it to myself more often. I don't quite know how I feel about that. On one hand, it may come across as judgemental which I try really hard to not be but on the other is it really preferable to seem like you have no opinions on anything?

6) My mom's church has asked her to be the visiting teacher of a woman who is dying of cancer. I have to wonder if the leaders of the church have actually met my mom and still think this is a good idea... because, well, my mother isn't really a very nurturing person. Quite the opposite really. If I had to think of something my mom would be good at it would be if you needed someone to administer tough love to someone she'd be good to tap in for the job. "Buck up, get over yourself and stop crying! Crying is for the weak!" She's currently waiting for the bishop's wife to get home from vacation to tell them that she just cannot do this job. At the very least, she knows her own limitations.

7) I have a busy weekend ahead of me, Ariella is coming into town and we're spending some time with her. My goals for next week are to get to work at 7:45am every morning and to get back on track with cooking meals. I don't want us to fall back into the habit of fast food eating.


I have no idea what to do with the tomato sproutlings at this point. I think I'll just plant them outside and see what happens, we are nearing the end of tomato season anyway.

I'll keep you posted! :-)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday Vol. 1

1. On Monday two big things wedding wise happened; we got our engagement pics and I dropped off my dress with the seamstress. The engagement pics were as bad as we were braced for, Bill and I just are not photogenic people and I looked like I weighed about 190 lbs. Easily. Or that I was 7 months pregnant. Take your pick. My seamstress is really nice, I blindly hired her based on the rave reviews she got both on The Knot and in the Examiner and I'm glad it worked out. At this point the dress fits perfectly and all that needs to be done is a bustle and to cut the strings shorter on the corseted back. My second fitting is at the end of September.

2. Last Saturday we threw a BBQ and pretty much everything that could go wrong did. I have a hard time with wanting everything to be perfectly organized so it was essentially my greatest nightmare coming to life. For one, Bill put off actually buying a grill (although it was his idea to have the BBQ that weekend) until Saturday morning. Then the box wouldn't fit in his car. When his friend finally picked it up and got it to our house it was a half hour after the BBQ started, and then of course it was all messed up and they had to take it back. I think we finally started eating 2 hours in. For another thing, our couch for the basement that we had been waiting about 7 weeks for (it was supposed to be delivered in 4) finally showed up but the delivery guys refused to take it through the back and downstairs. Instead the dropped it in the middle of the living room and there definitely is not room for that. Somehow we all got through it and everyone seemed to have a good time; which goes to show that I should stop worrying so much about perfection.

3. I've been working on completing the invitations all week. This was a large undertaking because I refused to compromise what type of invitations I wanted due to price (I was quoted $3000 for 100), instead I decided to just buy the raw materials and make them all myself. I think they look awesome, but I may just be biased. As a side note, someone asked me this past week what my colors were and when I responded "ivory, champagne and gold- with some red accents" they were like so your colors are white... and white....

Apparently I'm boring ;-)

4. This week has been great for our sleeping lives and our patience because Lizzy cat has finally grasped not waking us up for food until after the alarm goes off. There are no words to express how thankful I am for this. Quite a change from her 4am wakeups just a month ago. She has also stopped screaming anytime I dare leave the house. I think that means the Prozac is working, even if people do think we are nuts for having a cat on Prozac.

5. Between the fat engagement pics and the frustration of being in Weight Watchers for 12 weeks and netting only about 5 lbs lost; I decided to get a personal trainer. From now until the wedding I will be working out 3 times a week with a guy named Diego. Don't even ask how much this is going to cost me ;-) trust me, you don't want to know. My issue was that I knew I didn't eat that badly, it's an exercise issue but I hate the gym and can never make myself work hard enough to lose weight. This solves that problem. My goal is to be able to confidently wear a bathing suit on my honeymoon.

6. Today I helped Lindsey out unloading her moving truck and tomorrow I'm helping Alaina clean her old apartment. I feel like I'm an extremely helpful person this weekend.

7. I've been trying to figure out some type of volunteer work to get into. I used to clean out cat cages for a humane society rescue group but had to stop doing that because when the gas prices went up so much I couldn't afford driving out to Sterling to do so anymore. The problem is that the Alexandria shelter is a kill shelter which would make me really sad, I can't find rescue groups who house their animals closer in, and the crisis pregnancy center I want to help out withs hours are really inconvenient for anyone who has a full time job.

Photo Thursdays

From here.

This week's theme is "ARTIFICIAL" (Plastic, Fake, Imitation, Flowers, Trees, Not Natural,...).

A few weeks ago I decided that I wanted to eat my leftover Chipotle. Easy enough idea, however it was a steak burrito bowl and it had been left in a hot car for about 2.5 hours the day before so I was a bit wary. So I wander downstairs, heat it up (to an almost extreme degree) and sit down at the couch to eat and hope for the best. *sniff* *sniff* Hmm... something smells really weird. I know the smell but I can't put my finger on what exactly it is. I sniff the burrito bowl warily but it smells fine. I wonder if maybe all the heating up started to melt the bowl a little and that was what the smell was. About 10 minutes later it's much stronger and I call Bill downstairs and ask him if he smells whatever it is. He thinks it's just my food, which honestly kind of disturbs me and I make the decision to not eat it so I throw it away but the smell doesn't dissipate. Then I do what any logical person would- crawl around on the floor sniffing everything looking for the source... which leads me to an outlet. That's bordering on starting an electrical fire. That smell I couldn't quite place? The smell of burning plastic on the cords plugged in and the charring of the back of the outlet plate. Thank goodness we were home.

Today an electrician came to take a look at it and realized that it's impossible to ground the outlet because of the really old wiring our house has. What you see above is an artificial grounded outlet. All the brownish stuff on the walls? The gross brown stuff that was wrapped around the wiring. Who knows what it is, but it will probably cause us to get mesothelioma.

Anyone reading this who has a blog should start up Photo Thursdays... just cause everyone likes pictures :-P

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

27 Things

This Fish did it and it looked kinda fun since it's been awhile.

1. I love soda, much more than any normal person should. I've tried to quit drinking it at least 5 times and I'm alright until about 3-4 weeks in when I start having dreams about drinking it. Also, I know a quick way to lose weight would be to stop drinking regular soda but I HATE, HATE diet. I'm currently trying to get in the habit of diet instead of regular, it's only day one and I'm already cranky.

2. I have been considering becoming a Catholic. I think this comes from my admiration of the calmness and happiness of some devout Catholic women.

3. I recently (within the last 6 months or so) switched from being adamantly pro-choice to pro-life. I refrain from saying adamantly because I don't want to be lumped in with people who kill or attack abortion providers, which I do not agree with. This has nothing to do with #2 but instead everything to do with a startling encounter that I had which made me rethink my entire way of thinking on the subject.

4. I ate crab legs for the first time 3 summers ago. Since then it has become my single favorite meal. Add in some spiced shrimp and I could die happily.

5. I am absolutely addicted to the Food Network but have never actually cooked. My family has a long history of women being horrid in the kitchen so I assumed I was doomed. Lately, I've started cooking and to my surprise I'm actually pretty good at it. Maybe I learned through osmosis from the TV.

6. When I was younger (20 or so) I wanted to get married purely because I thought that was what you were supposed to do, not out of actual desire. Then I grew up and was completely against marrying anyone, ever because I dislike everyone after a certain amount of time of being around them. Then I met Bill and all of a sudden marriage seemed appealing. Because of this I will never think anyone who says that they honestly didn't want to get married in one relationship and then ends up married to the next person is full of bullshit ever again.

7. If left up to my own devices I would home school my children. However, Bill feels as strongly against that as I am for it so it's probably unlikely that we actually will.

8. I have now been enrolled in Weight Watchers for 12 weeks, I have lost a net total of about 4 lbs. This proves my point that I really don't eat that badly (with the exception of soda), so my weight gain is purely because my metabolism is ridiculously slow. The only thing you can do for that is work out a lot but I hate gyms. Being on the machines feels like the most anti climatic, pointless thing ever- none of the gyms around here have any fitness classes that actually work with my schedule and I don't have any friends to work out with because the ones I could really just motivate me into putting as little effort into the gym as possible.

9. I would love to run outside (our new place is right next to the GW Parkway running trail) but my allergies are awful, way worse then they were in high school when I used to run along there. Running outside makes me wheeze.

10. I hate it when people take pictures of me because I think I'm quite possibly the least photogenic person in the world. True story: when Lindsey first met me she was like wow... you look 180 degrees different then your photo I wouldn't even recognize you. I'm not quite sure how it is even possible to look that much different in photos then in real life.

11. I love long hair but I can never grow it out. I don't have the patience for it and I hate it when it's all sweaty and up against my neck. The only time post high school that I've let it get really long was when I was dating a guy who kept telling me how much he loved girls with short hair. Out of stubbornness I refused to cut it.

12. I bite my nails. It's a gross disgusting habit but I can't help it. We've tried everything including the gross tasting stuff and none of it works. This is made amusing because I'm actually pretty germaphobic and yet my subconscious sees nothing wrong with my fingers constantly being in my mouth.

13. I hate swimming in natural bodies of water. I'm okay with swimming pools, but creeks, rivers, oceans, etc. I won't get near. It's a combo of not having that much confidence in my swimming skills and the fear of snakes and sharks attacking me.

14. My greatest fear in life is fire. This was caused by reading a book (I think it was VC Andrews) that described for about 4 pages exactly what happens when one dies from fire. Before that point my greatest fear in life was having my ears cut off in my sleep because I saw a tabloid in line in the grocery store when I was probably about 4 or 5 about some people who had their ears cut off in their sleep. It's quite possible that wasn't actually what happened and it's just what my child brain remembers.

15. I tell people that I'm afraid of heights but that isn't actually true. When I'm elevated at all it makes me dizzy. Like if I'm in a mall and get near the edge where you can look down to the first floor or if I look up I get really really dizzy and feel like I'm falling. It's a vertigo issue I think, but it's easier to just say I'm afraid of heights so no one tries to get me to go near the edge of anything elevated.

16. I can't hear very well. This has been true since I was a teenager, but my mom got my hearing checked and they said it was fine. She says that it's due to my lack of attention span more than a physical problem. I think that it's because when they check your hearing they don't include background noise, add any of that and I won't be able to hear what you are saying at all if I'm not watching your lips move. This is also the reason I talk so loud. I would get it examined further but for the most part I've adapted just fine, so much so that most people don't even realize this is true. They just think that Alaina and I are kidding when we say I'm partly deaf. However, if you told me something and I have zero recollection of it later that's probably why. I don't really have that bad of a memory ;-)

17. I've just recently started to appreciate my hair color. I used to hate it and constantly tried to dye it darker because I thought that blondes had a harder time interacting with other girls and having guys take them seriously instead of assuming they are easy. I still believe that, I've just stopped caring as much.

18. I once dated a guy who would inform me of the state of his penis at any given time. I also once dated a guy who I had no idea I was dating because I never actually saw him outside of group happy hours. Those are two really great stories that tend to outdo other people's weird date stories, and never fail to make people laugh.

19. I am not in therapy but if I were I guarantee I'd be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder with OCD tendancies. I'm also overly perfectionist that used to be to the point of self destruction (in that if I couldn't do something perfectly I just wouldn't do it at all, didn't help out a lot in school), but that I've learned to deal with.

20. I will most likely go into therapy whenever Bill and I decide to have kids. I am terrified of raising them like my mother raised me because I don't know any better. I don't hate my mom, but I think she's much better with me now that I'm an adult.

21. I hate urban areas and want to move to a rural area very badly. The problem with rural areas is that there aren't a whole lot of jobs, so I'm stuck.

22. Going back to the crazy, I have panic attacks when I'm surrounded by clutter. That's why I have no "knick knacks", and am the exact opposite of a pack rat. Because of this reason I can't go into department stores on weekends because the racks are too close together and there are too many people. I always try to shop instead on weekdays.

23. My legs, arms and hands are exact replicas of my dad's. Like carbon copies. It's actually rather creepy.

24. I have constant meat eating guilt. I know why farms are evil, I know the animals I eat have awful lives and deaths... but meat is just so tasty.

25. When I was in 5th grade I went to a summer camp for science and math at UVA. I hated it there, the campus, the teachers, everything. So when it came time to apply for colleges and my mom really wanted me to go there, I purposely wrote the worst essay I could to try to not get in.

26. I wish I knew when I was 16 that you could go to a community college (and then transfer to a 4 year school) with a GED. I would have just gotten my GED and started college early because academically my high school was a complete waste of time.

27. I hate the fact that stores for adult women carry booty shorts. The vast majority of women who would set foot in the store in the first place should really not be wearing them. Honestly, I don't know why anyone over the age of 22 would ever want to. I also hate it when parents put their little girls in bikinis but that's a whole seperate issue.

Monday, August 3, 2009


I admit it, I like to watch the Duggars (you know, the 20 kids and counting or whatever number they are up to at this point). They are my one exception to my no watching of parents making money off their kids boycott, but at the same time I'm not going to watch them without enjoying the snarking on TWOP about them. From TWOP I found the "Free Jinger" forums (representing the girl most people think is most likely to break from the family religious fold), and on the Free Jinger forums I found topic threads about a whole lot of hyper religious blogs. Like crazy fundy hyper religious- please keep in mind that the majority of my personal blog roll are devout Catholic mothers so it takes a lot for me to call blog writers "crazy" when it comes to religious belief.

Lately there has been the issue of a few of these girls realizing that they are being talked about in a public forum- the two popular to snark about recently are a 16 year old who just got married with her parents blessing and a 20 year old who's courting rules were that she wasn't allowed to even touch her fiance until they were wed. To accomplish this they stayed 6 inches apart at all times. Anyone would admit they are a bit extreme and worrisome cases that are out there, but I regress. These girls are all up in arms that people are reading their blogs and commenting about them and the things they write about in a forum that they were not aware of. Isn't that the risk though? You start a blog, you post pics, you talk about people in your life. You have to be aware that anything on the internet is out there and public; so anyone can see, comment and snark to their hearts content. How are you really all that surprised?

That is why I make it a general rule to stay away from anything that could come back and bite me later. No gossiping about my friends (though gossiping is something I have really been trying to stop doing), no talking about work, no giving too many details. Makes for a less interesting blog to be sure but you can just never be too careful. For the record though, nothing they were saying was bad per se. Just different from the way the rest of society lives- very, very different.