Friday, August 21, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday Vol. 3

1) This week I have really struggled with dealing with it being okay if I can't get everything done on my To Do list. Life gets in the way sometimes and I do need to sleep so you know what? If a couple things don't happen it's not the crisis that I tend to think it is. I was discussing this with Bill at dinner on Wed and it went something like this:
Me: "Why can't there be more hours in the day? I can't ever get everything done. Like on Monday I had that late meeting which knocked everything back so I didn't get home from grocery shopping until after 7, then was late for women's group and got back from that at 9:45 and not only did dinner not get made but I didn't clean the kitchen or living room. Then I added cleaning the kitchen to my to do list on Tuesday but still the living room has not been cleaned?!?"
Bill: "The living room doesn't need to get cleaned, it's fine. You have anxiety issues sometimes."
Me: "But then it builds until it reaches a crisis point of dirty."
Bill: "And when it hits the crisis point we'll clean it."
Me: *blink* *blink*

Yeah, I do have anxiety issues sometimes. This also illustrates a fundamental difference between men and women that I've noticed. Women like to clean as they go along so that it never gets horribly bad, Men don't even think to clean until it's dirty enough that they'll actually see it.

2) I had to cancel both my Monday and Wednesday Personal Training appointments because of "life happening" and now I feel like I've reverted to the point that I started at. Which is a horribly maddening feeling. I'm a bit annoyed anyway because the first week I had my appointments all at 4pm which is the most convenient time for me since the gym is next to my office and not near my house (I work from 7:45/8 to 3:45/4). This week Diego threw out the fact that I was at 4 all last week and moved me to 5 which honestly bugs me because it's just not convenient. It pushes back my whole night to where I don't get home until an hour later and then I get an hour later start on the stuff I want to do (besides the 4pm hour is a dead zone usually at work, but sometimes I do have meetings that start at 5 or so). I would think that if you have someone that you know will be a consistent 3 days a week you just stick with the time that they liked.

3) On Wednesday I had "get passport" on my To Do list which seemed easy enough, but then we realized that I didn't have the correct birth certificate and we couldn't find the correct one because it's buried in the office of doom (our home office that hasn't actually been unpacked yet so it's stuffed full of stuff). Nor could my mom find my passport from when I was a baby, which apparently would still work to show that I am a citizen of the US. So we piled into the car at about 12:15 with 5 minutes notice to drive down to Richmond to the VA Health Records Department to get an official birth certificate. Took a 4 hour drive, and it was 25 minutes car-to-car to have Birth Certificate in hand. We stopped to eat before leaving and then stopped at Potomac Mills on the way home though, so we tried to make it a little more fun. We could have had it mailed but they said it took 4 weeks to mail it to do and the passport office takes 6 weeks which equals 10 weeks, we are leaving in 8.

4) At Potomac Mills we realized that "outlet" is starting to mean people who love labels and are willing to still pay way too much for an item of clothing because it's 40% off the original overpriced amount. We are not those people. We are the people who pay less than $30 for shoes and buy coats in the offseason just to save money. For fun I tried on two dresses at the BCBG outlet which were hysterical on, one made me look like a black and white cupcake and one looked like I was an extra on Star Trek. Needless to say, those were put back on the rack and we left empty handed. We originally stopped because we wanted to go to the huge fabric store they had there, but it was replaced by a Neiman Marcus Last Call which is so sad.

5) We were looking for an outlet fabric store because the fabric my mom and I want to use to make the table runners for the wedding is $9.99 a yard at the normal fabric store, which is pricey. I may have to try to find something comprable at a discounter online instead but that always makes me nervous. It's so hard to tell what colors would look like in person when it's online.

6) On Thursday after feeling lazy all week I tried out a kickboxing class during lunch. It was pretty fun (but hard!) and what got me is that the cool down was Yoga. Umm... last I checked Yoga was it's own class. It's not a cool down. I think I may start adding that in on Tuesdays. I'd love to do two days but classes for the fall start up next week and I have class on Thursday afternoons starting at 4:15 so I can't take a lunch that day. But that puts me up to 4 times a week once I get back on a PT schedule, not so bad.

7) Bill has been wanting to start up a softball team but can't quite get the numbers on his own to do it. His new idea is to sign up and get placed on a team, but we are unsure about me doing it. I don't like it when people yell at me or get super competitive and tell me I suck. Maybe we'll check out the batting cages to test how good I'd be at hitting a slow pitch softball and if I'm passable I'll do it, if I am not so good I'll be the best cheering section ever at their games.


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