Thursday, August 27, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday, Vol. 4

1. I had a fight with Ballys this week, a large fight. As I wrote last week, I had to cancel my PT sessions on Monday and Wednesday. Wednesday was because I wasn't home from Richmond in time and Monday was mostly due to his moving around times on me. Well Wed and there after no one would return my calls to schedule to come in. I called Diego probably 8 times I'd guess, went into the gym to see if I could catch him, then I tried contacting the head of the PT department with zero luck. Finally I got fed up and called the corporate number. The first guy was helpful and contacted the Operating Manager of the gym who told me to come in to see her sometime that day. "Whenever I could make it in was fine" direct quote. I went in less than 2 hours later and she was gone for the day. When I asked for her at the front desk the girl working was quite rude and rolled her eyes at me while the other two employees snickered. I wish I could say I was kidding. Obviously I was quite livid at that point and called corporate again. The guy I got this time told me that I was clearly just overemotional, didn't try hard enough and had buyer's remorse. Needless to say, that did NOT calm me down.

Luckily for everyone involved the Pentagon City gym met with me and worked out a way to fix it. I get what seems to be a great trainer, and he guaranteed that barring illness he will be there at exactly the same time three days a week. That's really all I was asking for.

2) I got my first issue of Fine Cooking magazine and for someone who is definitely not a magazine person (I hate them and never read them unless I force myself to at the gym or something) I love it a lot. Not only is it chock full of recipes which is why I ordered it, they have some really great tips about how to prepare things, they explain what some terms you may not know are and are just wonderful about explaining everything in ways anyone would understand. Helpful tidbit for you: if you are cutting the kernels off ears of corn, use a bundt pan. You put the ear in the center and as you cut the kernels off they are collected in the pan instead of bouncing everywhere after missing the plate. You are welcome :-)

3) The girls and I tried out Rustico on Monday night. Very good food, very small portions so quite in line with most trendy places in urban areas. I was still so hungry when I was done that I almost started gnawing on the chicken bone, luckily I'm too polite to embarrass the others in that way ;-) Happily, we found a bakery on the way back to the parking lot that sold red velvet cupcakes and at home I had ice cream in the freezer.

4) Have any of you seen the orginal format We Are Marshall? Not on TV but the actual DVD? Did you notice that it's like they did the cut scenes preparing for it to be played on TV. Instead of the easy transitions of most movies it would fade to black anytime you'd imagine a commercial would be inserted. Weird.

5) We picked up our wedding bands on Wed night from Tysons and I feel like a horribly silly girl because I keep wanting to put mine on. I mean, come on, it's not like I'm not going to get enough chances to wear it since ideally starting October 17 I will wear it for the rest of my life. And yet... I still keep sitting on the couch with it on. It's pretty. :-)

6) I noticed for the first time last night that when I give Lizzy her pill she literally foams at the mouth. I panicked and made Bill look at her and he nonchalantly said "yeah that's what she does, she hates them." How did I never notice that before? Now I feel bad about making her take them.

7) Solomon, my new trainer, informed me today that letting your interior obliques get too lazy (aka not pulling in your stomach) is really bad. Because they'll just keep stretching out and then when you get pregnant you could get a hole torn in them and your stomach will never have the ability to go flat again. I'm not sure that's actually true but it was horrifying and you bet I was a whole lot better pulling in my stomach for the rest of the session.


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