Thursday, August 6, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday Vol. 1

1. On Monday two big things wedding wise happened; we got our engagement pics and I dropped off my dress with the seamstress. The engagement pics were as bad as we were braced for, Bill and I just are not photogenic people and I looked like I weighed about 190 lbs. Easily. Or that I was 7 months pregnant. Take your pick. My seamstress is really nice, I blindly hired her based on the rave reviews she got both on The Knot and in the Examiner and I'm glad it worked out. At this point the dress fits perfectly and all that needs to be done is a bustle and to cut the strings shorter on the corseted back. My second fitting is at the end of September.

2. Last Saturday we threw a BBQ and pretty much everything that could go wrong did. I have a hard time with wanting everything to be perfectly organized so it was essentially my greatest nightmare coming to life. For one, Bill put off actually buying a grill (although it was his idea to have the BBQ that weekend) until Saturday morning. Then the box wouldn't fit in his car. When his friend finally picked it up and got it to our house it was a half hour after the BBQ started, and then of course it was all messed up and they had to take it back. I think we finally started eating 2 hours in. For another thing, our couch for the basement that we had been waiting about 7 weeks for (it was supposed to be delivered in 4) finally showed up but the delivery guys refused to take it through the back and downstairs. Instead the dropped it in the middle of the living room and there definitely is not room for that. Somehow we all got through it and everyone seemed to have a good time; which goes to show that I should stop worrying so much about perfection.

3. I've been working on completing the invitations all week. This was a large undertaking because I refused to compromise what type of invitations I wanted due to price (I was quoted $3000 for 100), instead I decided to just buy the raw materials and make them all myself. I think they look awesome, but I may just be biased. As a side note, someone asked me this past week what my colors were and when I responded "ivory, champagne and gold- with some red accents" they were like so your colors are white... and white....

Apparently I'm boring ;-)

4. This week has been great for our sleeping lives and our patience because Lizzy cat has finally grasped not waking us up for food until after the alarm goes off. There are no words to express how thankful I am for this. Quite a change from her 4am wakeups just a month ago. She has also stopped screaming anytime I dare leave the house. I think that means the Prozac is working, even if people do think we are nuts for having a cat on Prozac.

5. Between the fat engagement pics and the frustration of being in Weight Watchers for 12 weeks and netting only about 5 lbs lost; I decided to get a personal trainer. From now until the wedding I will be working out 3 times a week with a guy named Diego. Don't even ask how much this is going to cost me ;-) trust me, you don't want to know. My issue was that I knew I didn't eat that badly, it's an exercise issue but I hate the gym and can never make myself work hard enough to lose weight. This solves that problem. My goal is to be able to confidently wear a bathing suit on my honeymoon.

6. Today I helped Lindsey out unloading her moving truck and tomorrow I'm helping Alaina clean her old apartment. I feel like I'm an extremely helpful person this weekend.

7. I've been trying to figure out some type of volunteer work to get into. I used to clean out cat cages for a humane society rescue group but had to stop doing that because when the gas prices went up so much I couldn't afford driving out to Sterling to do so anymore. The problem is that the Alexandria shelter is a kill shelter which would make me really sad, I can't find rescue groups who house their animals closer in, and the crisis pregnancy center I want to help out withs hours are really inconvenient for anyone who has a full time job.


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