Monday, August 3, 2009


I admit it, I like to watch the Duggars (you know, the 20 kids and counting or whatever number they are up to at this point). They are my one exception to my no watching of parents making money off their kids boycott, but at the same time I'm not going to watch them without enjoying the snarking on TWOP about them. From TWOP I found the "Free Jinger" forums (representing the girl most people think is most likely to break from the family religious fold), and on the Free Jinger forums I found topic threads about a whole lot of hyper religious blogs. Like crazy fundy hyper religious- please keep in mind that the majority of my personal blog roll are devout Catholic mothers so it takes a lot for me to call blog writers "crazy" when it comes to religious belief.

Lately there has been the issue of a few of these girls realizing that they are being talked about in a public forum- the two popular to snark about recently are a 16 year old who just got married with her parents blessing and a 20 year old who's courting rules were that she wasn't allowed to even touch her fiance until they were wed. To accomplish this they stayed 6 inches apart at all times. Anyone would admit they are a bit extreme and worrisome cases that are out there, but I regress. These girls are all up in arms that people are reading their blogs and commenting about them and the things they write about in a forum that they were not aware of. Isn't that the risk though? You start a blog, you post pics, you talk about people in your life. You have to be aware that anything on the internet is out there and public; so anyone can see, comment and snark to their hearts content. How are you really all that surprised?

That is why I make it a general rule to stay away from anything that could come back and bite me later. No gossiping about my friends (though gossiping is something I have really been trying to stop doing), no talking about work, no giving too many details. Makes for a less interesting blog to be sure but you can just never be too careful. For the record though, nothing they were saying was bad per se. Just different from the way the rest of society lives- very, very different.


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