Monday, August 31, 2009


In the new house we had a problem with ants. They would make a little trail from the back door, through the kitchen next to the sink and towards the cat food dishes. While I hate ants and found this annoying, I understood it and that there was little I could actually do about it. The cats food has to sit out (or the skinny one loses weight) and I prefer the ants stay on the floor instead of marching up to the countertops in pursuit of food. Sometimes when my annoyance veered towards sadistic I would spray the whole line of them with kitchen cleaner and that would make me feel better.

Then one day they disappeared. No more ants! I thought I had succeeded in detering them from the house.

But no. Instead they have now invaded my bathroom. This I do NOT understand... there's nothing in there to eat. They are all over the mouthwash bottles like they are tasty morsels while I can't imagine that they are. They are on the walls, in the windowsill, on the sink. Argh!!

*Note: must get ant traps tonight*


Running On Fumes said...

I found out the hard way while living in Blacksburg that ants are more likely to go to a source of water than food...I didn't get that one either. Maybe they like the sugar in the mouthwash...if there is any?

talklesssaymore said...

Hmm I would hope not. Because that would sort of defeat the mouthwash purpose. They seem to really REALLY like the flouride rinse. Maybe it's like drugs for ants ;-)

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