Thursday, August 6, 2009

Photo Thursdays

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This week's theme is "ARTIFICIAL" (Plastic, Fake, Imitation, Flowers, Trees, Not Natural,...).

A few weeks ago I decided that I wanted to eat my leftover Chipotle. Easy enough idea, however it was a steak burrito bowl and it had been left in a hot car for about 2.5 hours the day before so I was a bit wary. So I wander downstairs, heat it up (to an almost extreme degree) and sit down at the couch to eat and hope for the best. *sniff* *sniff* Hmm... something smells really weird. I know the smell but I can't put my finger on what exactly it is. I sniff the burrito bowl warily but it smells fine. I wonder if maybe all the heating up started to melt the bowl a little and that was what the smell was. About 10 minutes later it's much stronger and I call Bill downstairs and ask him if he smells whatever it is. He thinks it's just my food, which honestly kind of disturbs me and I make the decision to not eat it so I throw it away but the smell doesn't dissipate. Then I do what any logical person would- crawl around on the floor sniffing everything looking for the source... which leads me to an outlet. That's bordering on starting an electrical fire. That smell I couldn't quite place? The smell of burning plastic on the cords plugged in and the charring of the back of the outlet plate. Thank goodness we were home.

Today an electrician came to take a look at it and realized that it's impossible to ground the outlet because of the really old wiring our house has. What you see above is an artificial grounded outlet. All the brownish stuff on the walls? The gross brown stuff that was wrapped around the wiring. Who knows what it is, but it will probably cause us to get mesothelioma.

Anyone reading this who has a blog should start up Photo Thursdays... just cause everyone likes pictures :-P


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