Thursday, August 20, 2009

Photo Thursdays

Okay, so my idea to start doing Photo Thursdays with a prompt provided by a Photo Thursday site has failed. I really just don't have time to seek out stuff filling the prompt and then take pictures of it. Instead on my "photo thursdays" I'm going to just share a picture of something that I either took during the week or happened during the week.

These are my first attempt pitas. They taste like pita but they didn't quite puff up as much as they were supposed to, so next time I'll have to knead the dough better I think and I need to make sure I let them rest for all the times I was supposed to. But like I said, they taste fine they were just really difficult to slit without cutting through the top or the bottom.

Also, I really need a rolling pin. Using a mug wasn't the easiest.


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