Friday, September 4, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday, Vol. 5

1) College football starts this weekend! Yay! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. Va Tech vs. Alabama. Saturday. 8pm. I think I'm driving my facebook newsfeed nuts... and I'm totally wearing a Tech tshirt to work today taking casual Friday to a level they never expected I'm sure ;-) Go Hokies!

2) I did really great with my meal plan this week. I keep making them on Sundays with the expectation to keep us on track with healthy eating (at least for dinner) all week. Until this week I would make maybe two and then fall off track, but this week I stuck to it until today. I didn't plan for the fact that I have less time on Thursdays because of the WW meeting, so I need to plan a quick meal (maybe even one that can be prepared the night before).

3) Speaking of Weight Watchers, I have now officially gained back all the weight I originally lost and have gained two more lbs. This is incredibly frustrating seeing as how I 1)am eating leaps and bounds better than I used to and 2) am exercising a lot more. As in 500% more. How is this even possible? So aggravating!

4) We still have not bought a microwave stand meaning that our dining room table is still being used as a defacto one. This becomes a problem when people come over for meals and there isn't room around the coffee table to feed them. This weekend, we are buying one. And a table for the sewing machine I just received, and a curtain for the back door window.

5) I am really behind with wedding stuff and school starts next week. I'm going to hope that I will be uber productive and get organized/stuff done this weekend. Good thing it's a 3 day.


rootsandrings said...

You only have 5 things on your 7 Quick Takes...

1) Hook 'em Horns!!

2) I do a meal plan on Sundays too. My goal is to save money. If I don't plan what we eat, we end up eating out. Or I end up buying the wrong foods.

3) It's called "being a woman" and it's the pits! I'm new to your blog.. Have you tried The Shred?

talklesssaymore said...

Hahaha that's exactly how tired I was this morning- I didn't even notice that until you pointed it out. I was up way too late watching the Oregon game to it's last punch-y end. :-P

That's part of what started it for me too- I can plan around whatever meats they have on sale that week.

No I haven't tried The Shred yet. What is that?

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