Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Here it is Wednesday and I lost out on a portion of my week. I hate it when that happens. Really, I could have predicted it the minute we didn't leave until 8pm for the 4.5 hour drive down to the Blacksburg area on Friday night. The thing with me is that I have to sleep; on a schedule, constant and no napping. It makes me not all that fun especially since Bill tends to be a bit of a night owl, but the quicker I embrace this truth the quicker we will all be better off.

I used to get at least 2 migraines a month, this was a constant. If I forgot my sunglasses one day, that added another one (I have incredibly light sensitive eyes and so sunlight or flourescent lighting give me migraines). Then I read about the sleep factor. Many of you remember that Bill used to work nights, and we lived in a very small apartment. Meaning that while he was sleeping during the day on weekends many times I had no choice but to join him. Anything else would make too much noise. So, I slept all weekend. Constantly. Plus I was on a work schedule where I didn't go in until 10am, add to that my inability to sleep well at night while home by myself and lets just say I was an insomniac, cranky, sleep deprived-then quickly sleep laden headachey mess. Lately, with help from a major change in his work schedule I've fixed that problem. I pretty consistantly get 8 hours* of sleep, no naps and I won't let myself sleep longer than that on the weekends. My headaches have now decreased to one a month (and since that's due to hormone fluctuations there's essentially nothing I do about it except pray that the rumors that those end after your first pregnancy are true for me) which is a vast improvement.

This past weekend included not getting to the hotel on Friday until 1:30, not falling asleep until 3am, being up at 9am, tailgating, football game, straight back into car and driving for 2.5 hours, stop for dinner and socializing, not back on the road until 11pm, home Saturday night at 1:30am (once again being way too awake from driving to fall asleep promptly) then up for church. Then I made the mistake to end all mistakes... I took a nap. Not just any nap but a 6 hour long power monster nap. When I woke up my headache was starting. Boo!

That whole story just explains why I have had zero productivity this week so far. The laundry is in piles, the house is a wreck, we have no food, nothing on my to do list is crossed out. I hate that.

My other epiphany this week is that I need to stop watching television. It's a huge vice for me, and it's got to be minimized or I spend nights doing nothing but sitting and watching the time suck machine until it's too late to do anything but go to bed. My new plan (at least until after the wedding) is only watch on weekends/nights when everything I need to do is done. I've subscribed to the few I really like watching on Hulu and that's my method for accomplishing that since we do not have a DVR. We'll see how it goes.

P.S. This migraine really blows. Normally I just get the headache, but this time around I am getting dizzy, my vision is fuzzy and I'm nauseous. Not cool migraine gods, not cool.

* Did you know that people who have a really, really hard time getting up in the mornings with less than 8 hours of sleep actually have a minor sleep disorder? So the people you may think are just being lazy, actually have a medical reason for it. They also tend to be very hard to wake up fully (and are pros at the answering you/talking to you but never actually wake up nor will they ever remember it later). In high school my mom used to have to pull me out of bed by my arm, pull me into the shower and turn on the water to shock me awake. Nothing else worked.


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