Monday, September 28, 2009


Busy, Busy, Busy! That one word is defining my time lately. Last week was the week of deliveries, so our living room was packed full with boxes of stuff for the wedding. Candles, candle holders, table runners, bags to hold birdseed, etc. It was getting to excessive proportions so last night I spent some time compiling everything into one area and now I feel a lot less frazzled.

On tap for this week:

- Accounting test on Tuesday
- Final Dress fitting on Tuesday after test
- Finish place cards
- Finalize the remaining RSVPs
- Seating chart
- Make linings for baskets
- Make curtains for kitchen window (not wedding related but has been sitting around not getting done, I should probably do it)
- Buy birdseed, and give that and bags to mom to fill
- Make reserved sign
- Make cards sign
- Get paint for table card frames, paint them
- Design table numbers

Next week:

- Make flower arrangements for pews
- programs
- make placecard tree
- favors/favors containers
- AC Moore to pick up bouquets, bouts, corsages
- Pick up berries for centerpieces
- Buy alcohol
- Pick up marriage license

That leaves all that's left to do the week before is packing up everything into boxes with instructions for the day of coordinator and picking up the sanctuary keys. If I can stick to this schedule that would be wonderful.


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