Thursday, September 3, 2009

Photo Thursdays

While looking for caterers Alaina and I went to an open house for RSVP Catering. We didn't end up booking them for a variety of reasons, however I loved their desert item. Brownie/rice crispie pops dipped in chocolate and decorated like wedding gowns and tuxes. I tried to contact them about making just those but they were entirely unresponsive. Alaina and I thought we could make them ourselves.

We were wrong. In our defense though, we gave up trying to decorate them correctly after the first couple- then it was just a decorating free for all. Luckily they tasted good so none went to waste ;-)

Attempted views of the Finding Nemo brownie and the panda. I am an awful photographer so things with white backgrounds just end badly for me (the color gets all screwy).

The mess we made. Don't worry, we didn't put Pet Fresh carpet cleaner in the brownies, that table just tends to be a catch all for everything that hasn't been put away right now. Hopefully once we get the microwave off it (finally), that will change.

Aren't they just gorgeous. It's amazing that we wouldn't think these would make good favors ;-)

The new plan is hot chocolate mix with leaf shaped ginger cookies. Much, much easier.


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