Monday, November 30, 2009

Ten on Tuesday, Vol. 5

Happy December! How'd that happen?

1. What was the last concert you’ve been to?
Britney Spears. It was awe.some, which I am not at all ashamed to admit. I am going to try to go to Lady Gaga in January I think.

2. Is it easy to make you cry?
No. People don't make me cry. I only cry in two situations- 1) I'm overly tired or 2) I have PMS. Or some evil combination of the two together. When those occur, people may think they made me cry (if they actually witness it, which is unlikely) but if not for those things being true I never would have. I have an incredibly thick skin.

3. Do you ever feel like people underestimate you?
All the time. Two reasons. One, I'm blonde. Say what you will but people really do stereotype blondes as being dumb, I really don't get it. I've rarely met a dumb blonde. Two, I look extremely young. Especially for my job, so I always surprise people with knowing what I'm doing which is actually visible in their expression.

4. Name 7 completely random things that you like:
1. UFC- No, I'm not one of those girls who claims she likes it, I really do. I'd dazzle you with my random UFC fight knowledge.

2. Pickle flavored chips. On the package it says only kids and pregnant women like them, and I haven't found anyone else who does. But yum!

3. I signed up while I was engaged because the ladies on the knot kept saying you could get really good deals, and you really can. I just ordered these adorable return address labels and got 140 of them for free.

No you didn't just hallucinate.... FREE. Well, I paid $3 shipping and handling, but still. They are so festive and cute.

4. They are the only place that sell dresses that actually fit my strangely freakish long body without the skirts being way too short. And their clearance section has some crazy good deals. (I have a personal adversion to paying full price for anything and more than $30 for any article of clothing or shoe.)

5. Multicolored pens. I love them. Love. Them. I went to Staples and they had this bin where you just filled a plastic bag with different pens and then I brought them to work. It's amazing how much happiness they give me just by being able to write something in bright pink or orange during the dullness of my day.

6. White/blush wine. I used to hate wine. Despise it, actually. Then we met another couple on our honeymoon that we went to dinner with a few nights and she had a knack of picking out wines I actually really liked. Now that I know what to look for, my opinion has changed completely.

7. Calenders. I love calenders/planners. Just something about laying out my weeks in to do lists makes me feel so happy.

5. What’s your favorite reality TV show and why?
Oh, this one is so hard- reality shows are kind of like my crack. I guess maybe Top Chef? I also love Ghost Hunters, which is sorta reality in the sense that it's not scripted. Then there's the competitive cooking shows on the Food Network....

see what I mean?

6. What is your favorite hair care product?
I use nothing on my hair. No, I'm not joking. I'm rather hair retarded, so I decided awhile back that there's absolutely no point to even put in the time when it looks like poo when I'm done anyway. So now every single day I wash my hair, comb it out and put it up in a clip. Most of the time, I don't even use a hair dryer.

7. What’s your favorite song at the moment?
I just barely found my Ipod charger which had been missing for about a year so I'm reloving all my songs on there. My computer with Itunes on it died and since Itunes is stupid and you can't access your library from any other source, I lost all of them. This is one of many reasons I hate Ipods.

8. What’s the number one thing on your Christmas wishlist?
A Garmin. It's been the number one thing on my wishlist for every single holiday/birthday and still I do not have one. I am starting to think that Bill has something against Garmin.

9. Have you ever lost your cell phone?
Yep. Multiple times. Usually I find it, a couple times I've had people call me and tell me they have it. One reason it's so important to put an entry in your address book reading "Home" or "If lost call this number."

10. Did you attack the hordes of shoppers for Black Friday?
No. I never do. Both crowds and messy packed in stores give me panic attacks, so combining them seems like a bad idea.

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Conversation from our house:

Bill: Your cat has been spending a lot of time in the basement lately, maybe she's trying to open a portal to hell.
Kim: I wouldn't really be surprised, this morning when I got up I heard her moving around down there for quite awhile, then use the litterbox and then happily trot up the stairs and sit looking quite pleased with herself.
Bill: Wait... you let her out of the carrier- right?
Kim: What?
Bill: This morning because she was being a brat I put out the food, showed it to her and then stuck her in the carrier downstairs*.
Kim: No, I did not let her out of the carrier... how did she get out?
Bill: Demon. cat. I told you.
Kim: If she's learned how to unzip her carrier then what am I going to do????
Bill: Padlock.

* Some might think what he did was mean but you have never met my cat. She is mean, way too smart for a cat and stubborn. It is a horrible, horrible combination which leads to little sleep, scratches, kitty punches and bites. We've tried everything but sometimes it just flares up.

** Also, upon inspection her carrier WAS unzipped. We are hoping it was just not zipped correctly versus her unzipping it because I do not want to have to buy a padlock and then have to explain why on earth my little 7 lb cat is in a carrier padlocked shut.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ten on Tuesday, Vol. 4

1. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
When I was in kindergarten I wanted to be a school bus driver, after that- a vet. Even though Chelsea claims that all little girls want to be teachers at some point, I never did. Not even once. I've always liked animals more than people (especially more than children).

2. Name 3 of your irrational fears.
1. Guns, more specifically guns accidentally going off. This would not be a problem except I married a police officer. Who carries a gun. And keeps it in our house. Even though logically I know that official weapons are even less likely to accidentally go off (wouldn't want their officers to shoot themselves in the leg or anything) I still always turn the gun towards walls when it's sitting on top of dressers, bookcases, etc.
2. Getting fired. It is so extreme that I refuse to put anything personal in my office and I think of everything as a temporary stop. It's irrational because I've never been fired (laid off once because the owner was a butthead and overexpanded so much he couldn't afford to pay us), nor do I have any reason to think I'd be fired- never have received as much as an average performance evaluation. However, I always think I will.
3. Being attacked. This is so extreme that I flat out refuse to ever wear earphones, even on low, when walking by myself along a road or trail. Even if it's right next to a busy road. I also will walk in the street before passing a thickly wooded area at night... even if it's just dark because it's winter and it's only really 5:30. When Bill worked nights I was completely incapable of sleeping a full night because I sleep so lightly and think every noise I hear is someone breaking in to kill/rape me. I have no idea where this came from, but it's totally irrational. I know this, and I know that it's actually rather unlikely to be attacked (especially by a stranger) and yet still it remains.

3. If you had a $200 gift card to any store, what would you want it to be? (Nothing responsible allowed. Can’t be used for groceries or anything)
Target, because everytime I go in there (even if it's just to pick up one thing) I always end up spending at least $100. I have no idea how that happens.

4. What is your most (blog-friendly) embarrassing moment?
For the first college interview I went on I was so nervous that I unbuttoned my suit jacket... and then kept going without realizing it. I unbuttoned my shirt and flashed the admissions person. Luckily (one) she was a woman and (two) I was so flat chested there was nothing to see anyway. My 17 year old self was mortified.

5. If you were only allowed to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
Bacon or Avocado. It's a toss up. Avocado is healthier for me so my life would be longer.

6. What was your favorite toy growing up?
My stuffed care bear- PJ. I slept with him until I was about 24. At that point I traded him fully in for warm fuzzy kitties.

7. Do you have a “go to” outfit? What is it?
I wear sweats almost all the time... seriously. It's really bad how lazy I am. Lately though my "go-to going out outfit" is this black dress I got at a store having a moving sale. Here's two pics of it:

With a sweater, beads, sash, etc over it.

Dinner on our honeymoon. You can kinda glimpse my gold shoes that I got on the clearance rack at DSW for like $10. They are Michael Kors and seriously are all gold (thus why they were on clearance). I call them my tranny shoes, but they are fun.

8. Who was the best teacher you ever had?
Most influental- my AP Biology teacher Mr. Keener (spelling I'm not sure of), he's who made me decide to major in Bio in college. Most patient- Mr. Kekonis (spelling? once again), our schools Calculus BC teacher who was willing to go over everything with me as many times as I needed. He was also like 100 years old back then and about a year ago I ran into him in a supermarket line... he remembered me. I was honestly surprised he was still alive.

9. If you could buy any car right now (something at least SORT OF within the realm of reality…so, you know, a Rolls Royce may not qualify), what would it be?
Some sort of SUV with a magical refilling gas tank. Oh wait, you said within the realm of reality... I just really want a bigger car. I'm not picky what. Currently I drive a 2 door hatchback Ford Focus.

10. How do you reckon that Chelsea comes up with 10 of these questions every week? It was hard! What’s your theory on how she’s so creative? Are you going to help her?
I have no idea, maybe she asks people like her husband for help? I think asking people to supply questions is a good idea. Group thinking is usually easier than one person coming up with 10 unique questions a week.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving planning...

Just finished making my grocery list and am now wondering how much I can do early... I always tend to bite off a bit more than I can (easily) chew.

I always do a "Pre-Thanksgiving" with my friends which we postponed until one of our friends was in town this year, so I'm hosting two thanksgivings in two days.

Here's the plan:


Onion dip and chips
Celery with pimento

Main Course
Roasted Turkey with Apple Cider Thyme Gravy

Herb and Apple stuffing
Rustic Mashed Potatoes with Chives
Candied Yams (no marshmellows)
Cranberry Sauce
Green Beans with Caramelized Onions and Almonds

Pumpkin Pie
Chocolate Pecan Pie

Friday Additions

Spiced shrimp with cocktail sauce

(vegetarian) Spinach and Ricotta Lasagne


The things I struggle with:

  • Worrying that I'm not as good at things as others; cleaning the house, cooking, baking, etc.
  • Not loving the area that we live in
  • Being bored at work but knowing that it is actually a good job for me to have, so there isn't much I can do about it
  • Never getting as much accomplished as I want to

    Bill and I were talking about the first thing last night and he was trying to point out that he doesn't care or expect me to be great at those things. I had to explain to him that it isn't about him, women don't function that way. We compare ourselves to other females. I know someone whose house is always clean and I never measure up to it- that worries me a lot more than it probably should.

    In other news- Thanksgiving already?!? Egads! Heading out to the grocery store tonight, hoping that it isn't a complete mad house if we go either early enough or late enough.
  • Tuesday, November 17, 2009

    Ten on Tuesday, Vol. 3

    1. What are some of your family traditions?
    Aside from always going to church on Christmas Eve- usually a midnight candlelight service, we really don't have any. Any tradition that got started my mom would get tired of in a few years, she doesn't even put up a tree anymore for Christmas. I've made it a goal to start my own.

    2. Do you know how to change a flat tire?
    Yes, although I don't have a lifty thingy in my trunk so I'd still be SOL if I did get a flat tire. No, I don't know the official names to anything, but I know how to work them. That actually reflects the way I do most things.

    3. Do you subscribe to any magazines? What are your favorites? Fine Cooking, Better Homes and Gardens and Self. BHG and Self I got for free from various sources, and they are okay. BHG always reminds me of summers at my grandparents' houses because my step-grandmother had stacks of them in her living room and I'd read them all the time when I got bored. I think I would like BHG a lot more if I owned a house so actually put effort into decorating and all that and/or if I had kids- it would be more useful. I LOVE Fine Cooking, totally worth the money if you are at all interested in cooking.

    I despise all of the "womens" magazines; Cosmo, Glamour, etc. Honestly, once you read them once you have essentially read every single issue. The only time I'll even look at them is at the nail place if I don't have anyone to talk to and I forgot a book or if I have to wait at the hair salon. Not that you asked, but I just thought I'd share. The funniest thing I've ever seen was on our flight to Cancun the whole plane was full of honeymooners so a few of the pairs had to be split up, Bill and I were split up. The female of the couple in my row was actually reading Cosmo outloud to her new husband and giggling. He was pretending to be interested. It took everything in me not to be like "honey, he does not care. Cosmo has nothing in it that he is one iota interested in."

    4. What are your top three favorite office supply items? (If you don’t share the love of office supplies with me or if you are male, you may skip this question.)
    1) Post It Notes (and flags)
    2) Highlighters and Multi Colored Pens
    3) Expandable file folders. The one with 13 slots is so incredibly handy for organizing all your financial paperwork for the year (with an extra slot for taxes).

    Who doesn't love office supplies?

    5. Are you a good public speaker?
    No. I mean, I'm passable if I have to be but I hate being looked at and being the center of attention so I tend to start talking really fast by the end. When I talk fast my "accent" of sorts comes out and becomes magnified. It's actually Utahian with a tinge of Southern, but most people just think it's Southern with a tinge of retard. (For those who don't know, Utah accents are almost comprised entirely of complete mispronunciations of words and letters- "i"s as "e"s, "aine" as "en" etc. Sorry Utah, but it's true.) So I'll start out speaking English and end speaking some weird compilation of English like sounds.

    6. How do you feel about acronyms?
    Where I work, everything we do has an acronym. Actually our company name itself is an acronym, that they took the meaning from a couple years back so now we are just 3 random letters that are supposed to stand for nothing. It makes more sense if you get the full explanation but I don't talk about where I work in detail online. Anyway, acronyms are so ingrained in my life that I don't even notice them anymore.

    7. What’s the most creative things you’ve ever done? (Bloggers, feel free to include pictures!)
    I did a lot of the decorations for my wedding myself (with the help of a fierce MIL with a glue gun who came a week early). I don't have pictures yet, but they'll be posted when they are.

    8. I’d rather jam a pen in my eye than…
    Ever, ever go out on a first date again. I hate dating. It isn't fun, I don't care what others say.

    9. What company has the best advertising?
    There's this financial company that has an ad with a little video game cute animal that's trying to cross over a stream of fire. Best ad ever. I laugh every single time I see it, and if I'm channel surfing and I see it I'll actually stop and watch it. Although, I can't remember what company it is so maybe it's not that effective...

    I'm going to guess the most effective advertising is Geico. Everyone knows the Geico ads.

    10. When is your birthday?
    April. Only 5 months until I'm 30. Boo! Hiss!

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    Monday, November 16, 2009

    Kim's Daybook for November 16th

    FOR TODAY...

    Outside my window... a fall sunset and a lot of fallen leaves. Quite pretty, actually.

    I am thinking... that my gums feel numb and achey :-( Boo to dentists!

    I am thankful for... having the resources to feed our home and anyone who visits. I was reading in the Washington Post today about how the numbers of people who cannot do that on a regular basis is still increasing.

    I am wearing... brown courderoys and a blue sweater.

    I am remembering... the beautiful weather in Mexico.

    I am going... to get started on my to do list for the evening shortly. I should probably get dinner started as well.

    I am reading... Self magazine, November issue.

    I am hoping... to get the wedding stuff sorted and the thank you notes done by the weekend.

    On my mind... deciding whether to make dinner or just go for leftovers. I can't chew very well anyway.

    Noticing that... I have very little energy tonight, I'm hoping for a second wind :-)

    Pondering these words... "I like spring, but it is too young. I like summer, but it is too proud. So I like best of all autumn, because its tone is mellower, its colours are richer, and it is tinged with a little sorrow. Its golden richness speaks not of the innocence of spring, nor the power of summer, but of the mellowness and kindly wisdom of approaching age. It knows the limitations of life and its content."

    From the kitchen... chicken stuffed with cheese and mushrooms with rice and veggies. That's the plan for tonight anyway.

    Around the house... it's still a lot messier then I would like.

    One of my favorite things~ soft kitty fur curling up with me on the couch.

    From my picture journal...

    Wedding pic.

    Friday, November 13, 2009

    7 Quick Takes Friday, Vol. 7

    1. I did make it to the dentist on Monday, though I was so nervous that my stomach was in a tight ball and I almost vomited in their waiting room. When I went to the back, everyone was very nice and introduced themselves and it turned out they just did an exam and xrays. Didn't see the point of doing a cleaning when I really need deep cleaning done due to the condition of my gums, but since I am much like an animal they are afraid to frighten I'm getting the cleaning done in 4 visits. 1/4 of my mouth at a time with them using numbing gel, laughing gas, me listening to my Ipod with a pillow and blanket. It sounds almost pleasant... then I remember that dentists lie so we'll see if they are right and I really do feel nothing.

    2. The annual Capital Weather Gang winter outlook prediction came out and they predict that our area will be colder then normal and we'll get 16-26 inches of snow. Since our last couple of winters have been truly pathetic I'm hoping for this- I love snow. However, I do not like cold so if the colder then normal holds out I'll be spending lots of time inside.

    3. Since I'll be spending lots of time inside I need to figure out some things to do. I have a brand spanking new sewing machine that badly needs to be broken in... so far on my list is 1) making the curtains for the kitchen (finally!) and 2) finishing the quilt I've been working on forever. Anyone have any other ideas of what I can do?

    4. We have a bunch of stacks of wedding stuff everywhere. This worries me because Thanksgiving is fast approaching and there's only so nice we can make the house look with stacks of extra booze, candles, glass hurricanes, etc everywhere. Plus, some of the stacks are in the dining room. On the bright side, I did plan out my Thanksgiving menu and I'm really excited about it.

    5. Lizzy has become trained to run down to the basement anytime she feels pukey. So when she needs to throw up you'll hear a jingle of her tags when she jumps up then her tapping down all the stairs then hurling, then tapping back up the stairs. It's hilarious. She realized that we get a lot less angry with her incessant throwing up when it's not all over the carpeting- down in the basement it's all tile. Now if we could just get her to stop eating all the things that make her throw up in the first place...

    6. I have a clothing problem. I have way too many clothes and I barely wear any of them. Also, half of them don't fit but I don't know what to do about it. Do I get rid of them, replace them with clothes that do fit but then if I do lose weight isn't that a waste of money? Also, how do you decide what you really aren't going to ever wear again? I'd love to pare down my wardrobe quite a bit because we have a lack of storage/closet space in our house and it takes up a lot of room when, like I said, I wear the same 10 things all the time on a rotational basis. Quite silly. Most of my clothes aren't even attractive on me because I hate to go in stores (hate the crowds) so I order everything online and just guess at sizes. Sometimes I think I should just set aside some money, throw out everything and use one of those personal shopping services at a department store and start over. But then I realize that the same thing will just happen again and I'll end up with 30 pairs of sweatpants, 20 jeans and 20 ill fitting sweaters and wear nothing else.

    7. Weight Watchers baffles me and I've given up trying to figure it out. Weighing yourself on a weekly basis makes it very clear that there is no rhyme or reason to it. When I worked out at minimum three times a week with a personal trainer I could not stop gaining weight. Every week I'd weigh at least 2 lbs more, they kept saying it was muscle and it would start coming off but this went on for months. Then I stopped working out and stopped paying any attention at all to what I was eating or doing (due to the wedding and awesome all inclusive honeymoon) and I lost 3.2 lbs. This leads me to believe that the biggest issue is my job. It's sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day, barely moving. Since I can't quit my job I'm not sure what the solution is- there's only so many halls to walk through which I already do anytime I'm about to fall asleep at 2pm. There are so many reasons I need to be independently wealthy. Watch- this week even though I've eaten no more, possibly a lot less, then I did those previous two weeks, I'll end up gaining everything back just because I'm back at work. If I'm really lucky maybe when I start up my gym going again next week I'll starting gaining 2 lbs a week again. Woot! /sarcasm

    Tuesday, November 10, 2009

    Ten on Tuesday, Vol. 2

    1. What gift are you most proud of giving?

    I am the worst gift giver in the entire world. Seriously. If there were a gold medal in bad gift giving, I would win it consistently every single year. The only possible way you will get a decent gift from me is if you specifically tell me what you want, otherwise who knows what on earth you'll get.

    2. What’s the best gift you ever received?

    My engagement ring. I don't think there's much that tops that one purely due to the significance of it. Plus the one I got was my Mother-in-Law's which held even more significance to me because it meant that she approved and that was important to me.

    3. What’s the worst injury you’ve ever had?

    My doctor has informed me that I am a bone density freak of nature. I went in for xrays after a snowboarding debacle that hurt my wrist and he informed me that my body weight falling (even repeatedly) straight onto my wrist would never break it. In fact, someone could probably take a hammer to my arm or leg and not even crack the bone. This is all a round about way of saying I don't actually get injured, no broken bones no stitches.

    However, I get horrible migraines and all of mine last the maximum 72 hours. Around the beginning of Day 3 I actually start contemplating cutting off my head with a dull object because it would have to hurt less then my migraine does- so those win, hands down.

    4. They say everyone gets 15 minutes of fame. Who’s 15 minutes has gone on far too long? (The Gosselins are not acceptable answers, be more creative.)

    Spencer and Heidi Pratt- and for that matter all of those "The Hills/Laguna Beach" people. I'm not quite sure why we are supposed to care about them. At least Paris Hilton has the interest factor of being raised with richer parents then most of us could ever dream of. They have nothing, at all, interesting about them.

    5. You have 20 minutes and $1000. What do you buy?

    This question baffles me and I don't quite know why. Normally I'd say clothes, shoes, purses but our closets are stuffed to the gills so the rule put in place when we moved in was bring something in/toss something out. I would love a new, bigger bed but we don't have room right now. I want some new appliances but it's not our house. I really don't need or want anything. That's such a weird feeling...

    6. Tell me three blogs that I need to read.

    The Daily Coyote - Always updated with a cute picture first thing in the morning so it's the first thing I see when I get on the computer. Not a bad start to the day ;-)

    What I Wore - Just discovered this awhile back. As someone who is outfit-impaired and who looks like she got dressed in the dark half the time, I am strangely obsessed with people who actually have style.

    Small Treasures - Kristen and her adorable daughters never fail to make me smile.

    7. Would you rather go without pizza or ice cream for the rest of your life?

    Pizza. I don't really like it, I only eat it because my husband loves it (though he has gotten in the habit of only ordering it when I go out to dinner with my girlfriends and he's home by himself; I can't decide if it's because he knows it's not my favorite or if it's because he prefers my cooking when I'm there. I'd like to think it's the latter ;-) ) Before I met him I hadn't eaten pizza in probably 10 years. However, I LOVE ice cream. Love it.

    8. Would you rather go to a beach or a snowy mountain?

    Beach. I could go to the beach an infinite number of times a year and never get tired of it, however I could only go to a snowy mountain a couple of times for very short period of times because after awhile skiing and other winter sports aren't fun enough to make up for the cold and dampness.

    9. Are you a night owl or a morning person?

    Night owl. Mornings and I do not get along. True story- when my mom was pregnant with me she'd have to go get her ultrasounds done in the middle of the night because I'd sleep all day worrying the doctors because they could not get me to budge. She was high risk, so they were willing to accommodate her. Around midnight I was a moving, kicking champion.

    10. What word do you always misspell?

    Committee. I'm not even sure if that's spelled right. The right spelling always looks wrong to me and there's just too many repeated letters. It's confusing.

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    Thursday, November 5, 2009


    I hate the dentist. I know, a lot of people say that but see they weren't held down by a mean dentist when they were a kid and yelled at/forcibly examined. Maybe I did kick him in the shins first and ran out of the office down the street but I still can't help but think there was a better way to handle that. Luckily I was blessed with the genetics of strong teeth so I've had a grand total of 2 cavities in my life, both surface level. The second one was actually lasered off, so no drill was needed.

    However, then there was my wisdom tooth debaucle. My mother doesn't believe in xrays- thinks the radiation from them and microwaves will kill you- so she never once bothered to let the dentist xray my mouth as a kid. My wisdom teeth never flared up when I was younger so she thought hey she probably doesn't have any, like me. Wrong. When they finally decided to start acting angry I was 23. The anger escalated through only 3 episodes until I was 25 and they got so infected that I couldn't actually open my mouth more than 2 inches without excruciating pain. Out of the desire to eat, I went in to the oral surgeon office. I didn't have a whole lot of time to research so I just went to one the closest to my office building so I could go during lunch thinking they'd give me antibiotics to clear up the infection then schedule me at a later date to take them out. Wrong again. They declared it an emergency and said at least the 2 infected ones had to come out. I knew that if it hurt at all I'd never go back so I said just take out all four. I had driven myself, it was the middle of a work day, and thus had to get myself back home. That, ladies and gentleman, is how Kim got 4 wisdom teeth extracted (2 extremely infected) with only novocaine. When I complained that it hurt I was informed that what did I expect? They were removing them from infected tissue, of course it hurt. Then I went home with an antibiotic and pain meds, then had an allergic reaction to the antibiotics and it all went down from there.

    Needless to say, I do not like the dentist. However, I'm terrified of my teeth falling out so the longest I will go between visits is AT MOST 2 years. I somehow garner the energy and try out a new dentist every time hoping that this will be the one that I won't hate. I'm wrong every time. I don't have a lot of desires- all I want is
    1) for them to listen when I tell them that that light up there pointing directly in my eyes? Gives me migraines so please adjust it just a bit
    2) not try to sell me on deep cleanings, teeth whitenings, caps, etc. etc. when I cannot move because I'm stuck in their chair with my mouth open
    3) listen when I say it hurts. Dentistry should not have to hurt that bad, I cannot believe that in modern medicine they really have not found some way to lessen the pain quotient.

    In full disclosure on 3, it's because while I inherited strong teeth I also inherited awful gums. Awful. No matter how much flossing and Listerining I do, they are tender and they are going to bleed. Dental cleanings hurt a lot for me and what I don't appreciate are hygenists informing me that "it's my fault that it hurts because my gums are crap." Not acceptable.

    I also have a baby tooth still in my mouth. This may have been discovered years ago when they could have pulled it and then pulled the permanent tooth down from my jaw in it's place except (see above) my mother didn't believe in xrays so this was not discovered until I graduated from college and got my own dental insurance. So at some point this baby tooth that has held on strong for 29 years will likely fall out and I will likely have to get a transplant. Every single dentist I go to wants to just pull it immediately and get it done though the tooth has no problems. No cavities, abscesses, looseness, nothing. I believe in minimal medical treatment in all things. I get what is necessary done and that is it. I am not going to pull a tooth that will "probably" fall out down the road. What if it doesn't? It's hung in for 29 years. Who says that my gum issues won't make all my other teeth fall out before it ever comes loose? I think they just want the money.

    The point to all this is that it's been a year and a half since my last cleaning. The last dentist I went to was recommended by my mother but then not only did he tell me to pull the baby tooth, and tell me to get my teeth whitened his hygenist was the one that said the above to me. I wasn't going back there. Also, he recently made my mom come in 6 times for one crown because he couldn't seem to ever measure her correctly. No thank you.

    I was reading this new blog that I found and she mentioned that she's had extensive dental work (and is an anxious patient) and the key to it all is finding a dentist that specializes in anxious patients. That won't let you hurt. That lets you listen to Ipods so you don't have to listen to the equipment. That gives you blankets and pillows. So I called 1-800-Dentists and they matched me with one that they said is wonderful. Unfortunately they scheduled me for Monday at noon so that doesn't give me a lot of time to prepare (read: worry excessively and dread the coming of the appt), but hopefully this will be as pleasent of an experience as possible. Bonus: he does specialize in implants so if my tooth does fall out and I stick with him he can do it on his own without me going anywhere, and he specializes in a whole line of gum treatment options. Way more than I've ever heard about so maybe he'll have an idea for my gum issue.

    We'll see...

    Wednesday, November 4, 2009


    One of the Washington Post website forums asks the question "what do you want from Metro?"

    I don't ride Metro all that often. My job has free parking and isn't near metro so I have to take a shuttle from the Pentagon to get there. Most days (unless there's accidents, backup or road work) if I leave at the right times it takes half the time for me to get to work driving then it would on the Metro. Thus, it doesn't make logical sense. However, on the occasions when I do ride the Metro, I just want to not end up feeling that the decision to do so was a completely stupid lapse of judgement on my part. Take, for example, Halloween night. I live about 5 minutes from a Metro station so we decided to take the metro out so that no one had to drive home. We get to the station as a train is pulling in. We get on the train but it sits... and sits... and we sit there for 30 min. I understand that we are at the end of the line so we have to wait sometimes but 30 min? On a Saturday night at 9:30? On Halloween when surely they knew they'd have decent ridership numbers going into the city? So finally we get going and since we are eventually going to a stop on the Orange line we figure okay transfer to the blue, then the orange because it will be a ton faster unless the board told us that it would be a really long wait. The problem with this is that we get off the yellow line because the board said "7 minutes" till the next Blue line. 7 minutes isn't so bad. Then it counts down normally until it hits 3 minutes. Then jumps up to 13 minutes and then nothing. Just a blank spot in the minute space. This is never a good sign, something is wrong. So we wait, and we wait. At this point it has been an hour and a half since we left our house. 5 minute walk to the metro and then we went 4 stops. 4. We were perhaps 5 miles from our house. It took an hour and a half.

    We then left and caught a cab.

    This is why I do not ride metro, and this is what I'd like to see fixed.

    P.S. Also, the handrail for the stairs was an odd sort of sticky gross and I didn't put my hand sanitizer in my going out purse. I also didn't appreciate that.

    Tuesday, November 3, 2009

    Ten on Tuesday, Vol. 1

    Soon, I'll get up to having content to post every day of the week :-P If you want to complain about all the Q&A content let me know... anyways on to the new Ten on Tuesday.

    1. What animal should cease to exist? (Not including bugs. That’s too obvious.)
    Rats. I hate rats. One time my mom and I were in downtown DC one night seeing a show and on the way back to the metro a rat (massive large, well fed city rat) ran over my sandaled foot. I've never recovered.

    2. What was your favorite thing about the beach?
    The sound of the ocean. It's incredibly calming to me.

    3. If scientists found a way to allow dogs to talk, do you think we should implement it? Or should we just keep them quiet?
    I think part of the charm of dogs is that you can tell them anything and you know they'll never say anything. What if you got a gossipy dog? ;-) But on the bright side, if they hurt or were sick they could tell you.

    4. How do you order your Starbucks?
    Depends on the seasons-
    Summers: Mocha Frap Light or Iced Mocha; Fall: Pumpkin Spice Frap/Latte; Winter: Plain coffee with cream and a little bit of sugar or honey.

    5. What’s worse? People who don’t know the difference between your and you’re OR people who smack their food?
    People who smack their food. I'll extend that to people who eat loudly in general, it drives me batty.

    6. What CD can you listen to over and over?
    Adele- 19 and Christina Aguilera- Stripped.

    7. What was the most surprising thing about college?
    That who you surround yourself with makes a HUGE difference in how your experience is. If you are around studious/motivated people you'll get better grades. Stuff like that really does rub off. So does procrastination and lack of motivation.

    8. What’s the best deal you ever got? (Biggest sale item.)
    Lately I got 144 votive candles and glass holders for $30.00.

    9. Who is your role model? Why?
    I don't have one really, just bits and pieces of things that I like and admire about different people pieced together.

    10. What movie would you like to see that is in theaters right now? Why?
    Not sure when it opens but I want to see that Sandra Bullock movie where she's a mom who takes in an orphaned high school boy. I love football so I see any movie that has football in it, plus it looks like it has a happy ending and I love movies with happy endings.

    Monday, November 2, 2009

    Kim's Daybook for November 2nd

    Wow- it's already November?!? This year has flown by!

    FOR TODAY...

    Outside my window... our yard is covered in leaves. We were going to rake but then it started raining. Now our yard is covered in soggy leaves.

    I am thinking... of all the things I want to do this year for the holidays.

    I am thankful for... the fact that our wedding turned out wonderful, and I'm thankful for everyone who made it on such a bad weather day. We decided that rain (and cold rain at that) is good luck :-)

    I am wearing... Black pants and a red button down shirt with nifty sleeves. I just switched out my summer/winter clothing last night. I love switching clothes, it almost feels like you get a whole new wardrobe... but for free.

    I am remembering... how wonderful Cancun was. Wonderful weather, great new friends, lazy days of lying on lounge chairs actually in the pool so when you got hot you could just roll in the water.

    I am going... to be taking a makeup test this week, restarting weight watchers and overall just getting back into the swing of things (and work on getting our house back in order).

    I am reading... Good Housekeeping November issue.

    I am hoping... to finally get the kitchen curtains made. I really hate the bare windows that look out into our dark backyard. I constantly startle myself while doing dishes at night.

    On my mind... how sleepy I am. Honestly, between the time change and going through Daylight Savings twice and coming off a vacation schedule my sleep schedule is so messed up. I only got 3 hours of sleep last night.

    Noticing that... I don't have as much pending work to do as I was braced for.

    From the kitchen... not much aside from take-out/delivery. No one has gone to the grocery store yet.

    Around the house... are boxes and boxes of wedding stuff. I need to list them for sale ASAP to get rid of the clutter. I hate clutter.

    One of my favorite things... how much time my new husband and I have been able to spend with each other the last two weeks.

    From my picture journal...

    Happy (belated) Halloween if you celebrate it.

    Read more Daybook entries here.