Friday, November 13, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday, Vol. 7

1. I did make it to the dentist on Monday, though I was so nervous that my stomach was in a tight ball and I almost vomited in their waiting room. When I went to the back, everyone was very nice and introduced themselves and it turned out they just did an exam and xrays. Didn't see the point of doing a cleaning when I really need deep cleaning done due to the condition of my gums, but since I am much like an animal they are afraid to frighten I'm getting the cleaning done in 4 visits. 1/4 of my mouth at a time with them using numbing gel, laughing gas, me listening to my Ipod with a pillow and blanket. It sounds almost pleasant... then I remember that dentists lie so we'll see if they are right and I really do feel nothing.

2. The annual Capital Weather Gang winter outlook prediction came out and they predict that our area will be colder then normal and we'll get 16-26 inches of snow. Since our last couple of winters have been truly pathetic I'm hoping for this- I love snow. However, I do not like cold so if the colder then normal holds out I'll be spending lots of time inside.

3. Since I'll be spending lots of time inside I need to figure out some things to do. I have a brand spanking new sewing machine that badly needs to be broken in... so far on my list is 1) making the curtains for the kitchen (finally!) and 2) finishing the quilt I've been working on forever. Anyone have any other ideas of what I can do?

4. We have a bunch of stacks of wedding stuff everywhere. This worries me because Thanksgiving is fast approaching and there's only so nice we can make the house look with stacks of extra booze, candles, glass hurricanes, etc everywhere. Plus, some of the stacks are in the dining room. On the bright side, I did plan out my Thanksgiving menu and I'm really excited about it.

5. Lizzy has become trained to run down to the basement anytime she feels pukey. So when she needs to throw up you'll hear a jingle of her tags when she jumps up then her tapping down all the stairs then hurling, then tapping back up the stairs. It's hilarious. She realized that we get a lot less angry with her incessant throwing up when it's not all over the carpeting- down in the basement it's all tile. Now if we could just get her to stop eating all the things that make her throw up in the first place...

6. I have a clothing problem. I have way too many clothes and I barely wear any of them. Also, half of them don't fit but I don't know what to do about it. Do I get rid of them, replace them with clothes that do fit but then if I do lose weight isn't that a waste of money? Also, how do you decide what you really aren't going to ever wear again? I'd love to pare down my wardrobe quite a bit because we have a lack of storage/closet space in our house and it takes up a lot of room when, like I said, I wear the same 10 things all the time on a rotational basis. Quite silly. Most of my clothes aren't even attractive on me because I hate to go in stores (hate the crowds) so I order everything online and just guess at sizes. Sometimes I think I should just set aside some money, throw out everything and use one of those personal shopping services at a department store and start over. But then I realize that the same thing will just happen again and I'll end up with 30 pairs of sweatpants, 20 jeans and 20 ill fitting sweaters and wear nothing else.

7. Weight Watchers baffles me and I've given up trying to figure it out. Weighing yourself on a weekly basis makes it very clear that there is no rhyme or reason to it. When I worked out at minimum three times a week with a personal trainer I could not stop gaining weight. Every week I'd weigh at least 2 lbs more, they kept saying it was muscle and it would start coming off but this went on for months. Then I stopped working out and stopped paying any attention at all to what I was eating or doing (due to the wedding and awesome all inclusive honeymoon) and I lost 3.2 lbs. This leads me to believe that the biggest issue is my job. It's sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day, barely moving. Since I can't quit my job I'm not sure what the solution is- there's only so many halls to walk through which I already do anytime I'm about to fall asleep at 2pm. There are so many reasons I need to be independently wealthy. Watch- this week even though I've eaten no more, possibly a lot less, then I did those previous two weeks, I'll end up gaining everything back just because I'm back at work. If I'm really lucky maybe when I start up my gym going again next week I'll starting gaining 2 lbs a week again. Woot! /sarcasm


rootsandrings said...

Extra booze looks wonderful. I wish we had some extra booze with which to decorate our house!!

I HATE the dentist!

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