Monday, November 30, 2009


Conversation from our house:

Bill: Your cat has been spending a lot of time in the basement lately, maybe she's trying to open a portal to hell.
Kim: I wouldn't really be surprised, this morning when I got up I heard her moving around down there for quite awhile, then use the litterbox and then happily trot up the stairs and sit looking quite pleased with herself.
Bill: Wait... you let her out of the carrier- right?
Kim: What?
Bill: This morning because she was being a brat I put out the food, showed it to her and then stuck her in the carrier downstairs*.
Kim: No, I did not let her out of the carrier... how did she get out?
Bill: Demon. cat. I told you.
Kim: If she's learned how to unzip her carrier then what am I going to do????
Bill: Padlock.

* Some might think what he did was mean but you have never met my cat. She is mean, way too smart for a cat and stubborn. It is a horrible, horrible combination which leads to little sleep, scratches, kitty punches and bites. We've tried everything but sometimes it just flares up.

** Also, upon inspection her carrier WAS unzipped. We are hoping it was just not zipped correctly versus her unzipping it because I do not want to have to buy a padlock and then have to explain why on earth my little 7 lb cat is in a carrier padlocked shut.


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