Wednesday, November 4, 2009


One of the Washington Post website forums asks the question "what do you want from Metro?"

I don't ride Metro all that often. My job has free parking and isn't near metro so I have to take a shuttle from the Pentagon to get there. Most days (unless there's accidents, backup or road work) if I leave at the right times it takes half the time for me to get to work driving then it would on the Metro. Thus, it doesn't make logical sense. However, on the occasions when I do ride the Metro, I just want to not end up feeling that the decision to do so was a completely stupid lapse of judgement on my part. Take, for example, Halloween night. I live about 5 minutes from a Metro station so we decided to take the metro out so that no one had to drive home. We get to the station as a train is pulling in. We get on the train but it sits... and sits... and we sit there for 30 min. I understand that we are at the end of the line so we have to wait sometimes but 30 min? On a Saturday night at 9:30? On Halloween when surely they knew they'd have decent ridership numbers going into the city? So finally we get going and since we are eventually going to a stop on the Orange line we figure okay transfer to the blue, then the orange because it will be a ton faster unless the board told us that it would be a really long wait. The problem with this is that we get off the yellow line because the board said "7 minutes" till the next Blue line. 7 minutes isn't so bad. Then it counts down normally until it hits 3 minutes. Then jumps up to 13 minutes and then nothing. Just a blank spot in the minute space. This is never a good sign, something is wrong. So we wait, and we wait. At this point it has been an hour and a half since we left our house. 5 minute walk to the metro and then we went 4 stops. 4. We were perhaps 5 miles from our house. It took an hour and a half.

We then left and caught a cab.

This is why I do not ride metro, and this is what I'd like to see fixed.

P.S. Also, the handrail for the stairs was an odd sort of sticky gross and I didn't put my hand sanitizer in my going out purse. I also didn't appreciate that.


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