Friday, December 18, 2009

Snow's coming!

No Quick Takes today because I've been too busy. However I just wanted to say...

Library Books that are fun to read..... check!
Netflix galore..... check!
Nothing I have to do outdoors..... check!
Leftover alcohol from wedding..... check!
7-11 within walking distance in case we run out of snacks..... check!
Stack of Thank You Notes to write....... check!

Okay, I'm ready. Bring it on snow.

One of the latest forecasts. I do have to admit that if this actually does happen, the DC area will be in deep doo doo because we have absolutely no way to handle that much snow. We just don't get it. We have no where to put it, not enough equipment and no real snow plows (we just attach plows to the front of trucks here). This would shut us down for a week. No joke. Not even our close by metro stop will help since it's above ground and above ground stops are closed once snow goes over 8 inches (can't keep it off the tracks).

I used to live up in the Rockies in Utah and this would be like child's play to them. They have industrial plows (real ones), everyone has 4 wheel drive, they know how to handle it, and there's plenty of open areas to move the snow to. It's all about perspective.


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