Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Are your pets vicious?

In our quest to become functioning adults, Bill and I decided that it was about time to get renter's insurance. I say it this way so you think that we actually remembered this and sought it out, instead of it being offered when I called Geico to change my name and marital status on my car insurance policy. When they mentioned it a light bulb went off and I was like oh yeah, we were supposed to get that like 6 months ago when we moved in here.

They transfer me to their renter's insurance agent and he asks the typical questions about where we live, what we use the house for, if we have smoke detectors and fire extinguishers then asks if we have pets.

Yes, two cats.

Are they vicious? Have they ever attacked anyone?

They're cats?

I once asked someone if they had pets and they told me they had one cat. I assumed it was a house cat and it turns out it was some form of mountain lion. Now, I never assume.

Point taken, insurance man.


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