Monday, December 28, 2009

Highlights of our Christmas

* Our household did not do any Christmas shopping until I finally went out at about 2pm on Christmas Eve. However, I was done with all the shopping and home by 5pm. There aren't many good things that came from my time of shopping addiction (hello, lack of money!) but one of the few is that I am a really great shopper. I know what lots aren't as crowded, I know which checkouts no one thinks to go to. Even on Christmas Eve.

* Notice that I did all the shopping, meaning my husband did not get me a Christmas gift. I actually don't care, but it's fun to give him a hard time about it.

* My mother decided that since I refused to pick up on her "subtle" hints that she wanted to spend the night Christmas Eve, she would just show up at my car with her overnight bag when I picked her up for church. I guess it worked, because by that point what was I supposed to say?

* I decided on Christmas Eve that my desire to cook Christmas dinner was at about zero. My desire to clean up after it was at about negative 1000. So, I made us dinner reservations at the Chart House instead. Nothing says Christmas like expensive seafood and views of the Potomac River.

* Bill worked the midnight shift Christmas Eve. Just like he worked the midnight shift on Thanksgiving Eve. I understand the idea that it's easy overtime (plus holiday pay) but it always kind of sucks for me.

* My Mother in Law sent us a gloating text message wishing us a Merry Christmas from South Texas where there was NOT almost 2 feet of snow and it was NOT frigidly cold.

* My mother declared that since I was the hostess I had to give out all the Christmas presents and then open mine. This was after I cooked breakfast for everyone and she empty-offered to do the dishes without actually ever intending to do them. She was not joking or being sarcastic.

* To wrap up our Christmas dinner, my mother declared that we had no religion. Because hers is the only one that counts. Bill looked about one step away from strangling her, so it was time to go home.

* We woke up the day after Christmas to a flooding basement. Apparently when you have tons of snow on the ground and add a rainstorm, it does not lead to good things. Bill spent most of his day on a constant rotation of putting down towels, running them through the spin cycle, then the dryer and putting down dry towels trying to keep the water in the back room and not letting it get near our couch... or the XBox 360.

*Hope your Christmas was wonderful!


scarlet51553 said...

your husband is a really big piece of shit. what you didnt' mention is how he helped you look for boots in 2+ stores and then bought YOU a mega huge massive amazing tv...


and your cats are possessed by satan.

Kim said...

Oh, really? It was just for me? I'll remember that when you come in to watch football on MY mega huge massive amazing tv and I inform you that since it is my tv the channel is permanently set to HGTV and the Food Network. No football for you! ;)

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