Wednesday, January 27, 2010


We Love DC posted this pic of flooding in Old Town, Alexandria Monday:

like it's news. That exact area of Old Town (the white building is a boating club and to the left is the Torpedo Factory) floods all the time. There is actually a sign in the parking lot (currently flooded so you can't see it) that says "flood zone, park at your own risk." If you go down to Old Town you'll notice that the slope of King Street up from this point is quite large, designed that way for this very reason.

The interesting thing about living in such a transient area for your entire life is that people are shocked when you are from here. I'm asked on a daily basis where I'm from and when I reply "Alexandria" people are like "wait, what? No one is from here." I, and my friends, disagree. We live here, are from here and I was even born in Alexandria hospital. Because of this I chuckle when I see news blogs posting things like this and when people are willing to buy million dollar townhouses right next to the river there. They are all from out of town, I guarantee, because no one from here in their right mind would buy a place that will 1) flood all the time and 2) smell like rotting fish from the nasty, nasty Potomac River whenever the wind blows in a certain direction. It always amused me when I used to date and guys would say "hey, I found this great place- we'll go to Old Town!" and then when we couldn't find parking, common for weekend nights, I just directed them to park at my mom's. Yeah buddy, Old Town isn't new nor as exciting as you think.

True story: when I was 15 I worked in a tshirt shop about 4 blocks up from where this picture was taken. Every time a storm would go through (it was summertime) we would go outside and watch the river creep it's way up. That is how common it is. Once again, not news. But good try We Love DC.


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