Friday, January 29, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday, Vol. 10

1. I have mentioned my hairstyling struggles before and this week I made the decision to just give up on the layers. "But layers make your hair have volume!!" the stylists always say. Truth be told, the only things on earth that give my hair volume are 2 hours of styling, curling, or if I got a whole head of extensions with or without the layers. Those layers were just an unnecessary hassle and since I love sleep above all else they got chopped off. Up to the shortest layer.

Here's the new do:

Let me know what you think :-)

2. I have noticed recently that people with talent seem to lose that talent or become less sure of themselves once their small blogs blow up. I'm talking about Capital Weather Gang who used to be deadly accurate with their forcasts when they had a small blog and forum... then they were picked up by the Washington Now their forecasts look something like this:

Chance of dusting to 1 inch: 40%
Chance of 2: 15%
Chance of 3: 10%
and so on.

Then afterwards they'll say, hey look we got 3 inches of snow! That means we were right in saying that we had a 65% chance. Um no, that's not what you said at all and I think you need to redefine percentages to yourselves. They seem to be really, really afraid of being wrong, so they hedge their bets too much. They didn't have that problem before.

3. When I feel that I cannot trust sources for particular information that impacts my life I tend to get a bit obsessed with figuring out how to do it myself. You may have noticed from my twitter feed that my latest obsession is learning how to read radar and weather models myself. That way I can predict what I'm going to get weather wise without relying on people terrified of being wrong. "You can get anywhere between a dusting and 6 inches of snow." No thanks, never again will that suffice.

4. I have discovered a great Starbucks alternative if your office has those Flava machines where you can make a cup of coffee each time. Take a travel sized coffee mug, pull out the bottom of the machine so it fits. Make a regular strength Sumatra coffee. Then make a hot chocolate from the Dove packs. They should both go into the mug. Stir. Tastes better than a Starbucks mocha.

5. This week has not gone well for the gym, I realize I say this every week but next week it's on! I'm running out of time (ha! puns are fun!) before my 10K at the end of March and at this point even walking it may actually kill me. Besides, last time around I just walked it and I refuse to admit I've made no strides (I amuse myself even if I amuse no others) forward in 2 years. My plan (great advice someone gave me via the comments section) is to twitter and facebook status my gym plans. It keeps it forefront in my mind plus I look ridiculous if I don't go.

6. Totally thought the Superbowl was this weekend and sent out an invite for it to my friends. I'm a bit out of it sometimes. Good thing I had not gone shopping for food yet. Will post our menu next Friday.

7. On tap for this weekend is shoe shopping for Bill (his work shoes split in half down the sole), continuing my organizing/purging efforts throughout the house, and taking the opportunity to relax (it's going to be cold, yo!). Hope your weekend is great!

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**Side note: Is there anything that you like above other things on this blog? Anything you want to see more of that I don't do?**


beyondhomemaking said...

Your hair looks great! I had those time-consuming layers too! Once I acknowledged that I have fine straight hair and went with it for a style I've been so much happier.

Jenny said...

I like the hair cut, especially if it contributes to longer all adds up!

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