Friday, January 8, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday, Vol. 9

1) In trying to give up soda, I also decided to end my ingestion of caffeine at noon/1pm every day. My current schedule is drinking 2 cups of coffee between 8-noon and then drinking only water, milk, V-8 Juice or Crystal Light after that (nothing with a ton of sugar either like many juices have). I cannot even explain to you how much better I'm sleeping. I always had sleep problems; insomnia, supersonic night hearing, constant waking up, etc. (I've talked about most of them here), and as a result I rarely woke up mornings feeling rested. Then I got crabby and dazed and I'm sure I wasn't always very intelligent. Since I've switched to the new schedule, I start getting tired at 9/10 (when normal humans are supposed to) and I've been waking up BEFORE the alarm goes off around 6:45. Not only that, I'm rested. Wide awake. Not crabby, for good reason since I sleep like a rock now too. Last night I stayed up a bit later than normal to watch the BCS Championship Game and by the time I went to bed I was completely out within 5 minutes of hitting the mattress. My husband said he actually had to physically move me to my side when he came in and I recall none of this. I slept in that rock-like state until 6:20am, then dozed off again till 6:45am at which point I got up happily feeling rested.

2) In related news, it has been 63 hours since my last soda. I'm quite proud of myself. My Dr. Pepper addiction was off the charts, in fact the only person I've ever met that drank more soda then me is Bill.

3) I've been super busy at work this week which I love because it makes my day go by a lot faster. All the cleaning/organizing I did of my office is a huge help.

4) Speaking of cleaning/organizing, on slate for this weekend is taking down all the Christmas decorations and tree. Always a sad time because it's all so pretty and nothing is quite so empty seeming as neighborhoods going back to their unlit state.

5) We decided that for Christmas one of our presents to ourselves would be a new tv. The TV I brought with me into the living situation is quite possibly the heaviest tv that has ever been made on this earth (but you couldn't beat the price- thanks Brian from Urizone!). So while it worked great, was a large screen and we didn't NEED a new one the idea of ever moving that behemoth thing again was just daunting to think about. It has now been replaced by a LCD flat screen double it's size (and a third of it's weight). The other good thing about this new tv is that now the ugly bookcase we were using as a DVD stand is too big for the space and I have the excuse I've been waiting for to buy a new one! Woot!

6) ESPN, both in print and on TV, is actually talking up and saying nice things about VA Tech's football program. This is significant because they hate us. I am not exaggerating. If you don't believe me, next season watch a VA Tech game that's on ESPN, listen to the commentators and you'll see what I mean. An example of this was the Miami game. If you didn't watch it (which you probably didn't) we completely shut down Miami to the point where they looked outmatched. It was really bad. The commentary went like this: "(ignore what just happened) Jacory Harris is one of the most promising quarterbacks in the nation right now. His completion rate is off the charts good (VA Tech gets an interception) and Miami really is good enough to be in the national championship title race. They are easily the best team in the ACC. *monotone bored voice* VA Tech just scored. *end monotone bored voice* Back to the topic of Miami...."

Many VA Tech fans have contemplated actually just muting the game and listening to music instead.

To further explain to you how significant this is, Bill called and said "mark this date down on the calender and then circle it... and then underline i- ESPN actually just said that VA Tech would end this season in the Top 5 and be a contender for the National Championship next year. ESPN!! COMMENTATOR!!! ON ESPN!"

P.S. ESPN, VA Tech hates you too. That's why lightning struck Lee Corso's car on our grounds. But thanks for the nice words, even if I did have to check out my window for flying pigs.

7) Do any of you have Netflix? If so what's your method for making sure you actually return movies in a timely manner? I constantly forget to put them in the mail, then lose them, then forget to put them in the mail again... and then it ends up just being a huge waste of money. Do you have a designated Netflix spot? One of my movies currently in the house I've had since Jan 2009. No, that is not a misprint.

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Kathleen@so much to say, so little time said...

4. We're un-decorating tomorrow, too. It is my least favorite day of the whole year. I always think there's something forlorn and barren about the winter nights after all the outdoor lights go off. Oh well, at least we have snow now.

7.--we're considering Netflix. Do you find that you make good use of it...or is that hte problem with returning them on time LOL?

Kim said...

Honestly, I think the biggest thing about Netflix is you have to be a movie watching family/couple. If you habitually rent and watch movies weekly or more than weekly then it's well worth it. An old boyfriend and I did pretty much nothing except watch movies and tv show boxed sets so we went through Netflix like it was on fire and it was more than worth my money.

However, my husband doesn't really watch movies (he prefers sports and Call of Duty) and on my own I find that I don't really tend to watch much except regular tv without being pulled to by someone else. Thus there's no pressing urgency to return the movies (how I can easily forget for so long) since I'm not really yearing to see the next thing.

BU said...

Haha, I'd forgotten all about that TV!

I really believe that the person who gives away an old-style TV is getting more out of the deal than the person who receives it. When I gave away another one, we transported it all the way to the new owner's car to find that his back doors didn't open wide enough for it. He returned in a minivan.

Running On Fumes said...

We use Netflix, but the you can have one movie at a time version. This helps us return them. Also, we have a spot near the door where we place all outgoing mail, which includes bills, not to mention it is where anyone who came over would be staring right at it...all of which helps with the return.
I know someone who had to start taking theirs to a post office drop because people were stealing the movies out of their mailbox. Jeepers.

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