Thursday, January 7, 2010

Adventures in name changing

Bill and I lived together before we were married for about a year and a half, so most of the "post wedding" stress had already been worked through. There were none of the "how did I not know that about you?!?" surprises which is good... and bad. The bad part is that we remark a lot to each other that sometimes we kind of forget we are married. Everything is just the same as before, except now he wears a ring and I wear two.

I have to admit though, that the one post wedding issue that's much more annoying then I thought it would be is the whole changing your name thing. I followed the steps in the correct order- change with Social Security, change with DMV, when one has their new license you can start changing bank accounts and credit cards, etc. I let work know and got a new badge. The weird part is that you are inevitably going to have a period of time where you are essentially two people. For example, my driver's license has the new last name but my credit cards still have my old last name. My bank account debit card is in the new name but my checks are in my old name. My badge at work is in my new name but the sign outside my door and my paychecks are in my old (different people do each). It's a strange feeling and I never quite know where I'm supposed to put what name. For example, if I sign something at work is it in the new or old? Another problem is when clerks check my ID and try to not accept my card because the names don't match. Technically, I'm not supposed to write a check because the name on the check doesn't match the one on the account. But what are you supposed to do when every action has an order and takes a different amount of time?

My second biggest adjustment (related) is having a new signature. As I am not one of those girls who doodles the guy she's dating last name with her own I had actually never signed my name with the new last name, until I had to sign at the DMV. Holy awkward batman. I think the signature block on my license looks like a 5 year old scratched it out in crayon.

It's at moments when I'm struggling with these things that I actually feel married. (Though in full disclosure, I did fill out a form yesterday in which I put my new last name but accidentally checked the "miss" box out of habit. Oh well!)


brandilicious said...

Changing my name was annoying as well. Luckily my job was on top of it but my badge still says my old name which is fine because nobody really ever looks at it (way to go, work!).

You'll have a day where you stop and notice that you've signed your name without even flinching and it will feel funny.

Also - we've been married over 2 years and just the other day I signed my maiden name to something! That was funny and strange. :)

Anonymous said...

And you changed your name because??

Kim said...

We all have our reasons for changing or not changing our name. I had mine.

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