Friday, January 15, 2010

Quick Takes Friday, Vol. 9

1. It is a (bad) habit of mine to complain about things without ever making one iota of effort to change them. A good example of this is that at work I've been complaining all week about how cold I am, but never once did I think to check the thermostat in my office. About a year ago when I moved into this office I set it for 80 and just assumed it was still set at that. Clearly I was not thinking about the fact that every day I have cleaning people in here and security staff... and then there's the bi-annual carpet cleaning and all the times I've had people move stuff around... oh, and the time my computer system was switched out and I had like 3 people in here at one time (it's a small office, so that's a lot). I finally checked this morning and it was reset at under 65. No wonder I was cold.

2. I discovered yesterday that if I want office supplies at work that aren't normally in the stock room- like tissues, pretty pens, etc. while it's cold enough outside that I never want to take a lunch break- Office Depot delivers for free the next business day! I can order what I want, have it delivered straight to work (paying for it myself, of course) and then I never have to leave!

3. All my christmas stuff is still up. My plan was to take it down last Sunday but you know what they say about the best laid plans... stuff came up. Then my week was really busy, and it's still all up looking a little silly at this point. My plan is to get it down tonight because we are having a party tomorrow night and all my friends will surely make fun of me if I'm so lazy that it's all still up. Never underestimate the power of peer pressure my friends.

4. We still have a stockpile of licquor left over from the wedding so we keep having parties to get rid of it. We have kind of run out of reasons to have parties so we just make them up at this point. Recently we bought Dance Dance Revolution for the Wii and a new large tv- so this is the "DDR Party." Though, I'd be willing to bet that a very small amount of people will actually play DDR, if anyone will at all.

5. While having these thinly veiled "drink all our extra alcohol we'll never drink on our own!!!" get togethers, I think it's ill advised to not provide food as well. This time around I'm doing all appetizers and came up with a menu that makes me salivate just thinking about it.

Bacon Wrapped Jalepeno Thingies- Pioneer Woman

Feta Cheese, lemon and thyme turnovers- Betty Crocker

Fresh Avocado and Black Bean Dip- Tasty Kitchen

Mushrooms stuffed with Brie- Tasty Kitchen

Spiced Shrimp with Ina Garten's Cocktail Sauce- I use Phillips spiced shrimp steamers (frozen) which taste just as good as making fresh spiced shrimp yourself. Seriously.

Alaina is bringing her goat cheese/tomato tarts.

I think we'll have a good spread.

6. I found quite possibly the best website ever for recipe filing and menu planning. Plan to Eat. In full disclosure, I did not find it myself I found it from a link off of Organizing Junkie's site, but it is wonderful. You can inport recipes right off most of your favorite sites, for the sites that don't import automatically there is a bulk upload feature where you can just cut and paste. Then you file them by course, can add comments as you make them, delete if you hate them, and pull and drag them straight into a calender for menu planning purposes. The greatest part (to me at least) is that it makes a shopping list for you divided into catagories. A shopping list you can add your own items to, or take off the things you already have in your pantry. Check it out (it's free for the first 30 days).

7. Still have not made it to the gym this year, but next week I'll get on schedule! (hopefully)


Jill said...

Ok here's what I like about your quick takes! :) My Christmas decor...totally still up! I'm also planning to get it put away this weekend, but I also planned to do that last weekend, and I see how that turned out! Also, your appetizers sound delish! I had people over last Friday and made some apps but I went with super easy and fast items (and was still running around like a crazy person but whatever). As for the gym...earlier in the week I "tweet-notized" myself into going. I wanted to go, but know that once I get home for the day I totally lose motivation and don't want to leave. But I tweeted that day "I will go to the gym I will go to the gym"...and so I just had it in my head all day that I was going. It seemed to work! For me that is the hardest part--making myself go--because I always feel better once I've gone. Anyway, that's my novel for the day :)

beyondhomemaking said...

Wow- thanks for the link to the Plan to Eat site. That is so incredibly helpful!

Kimberly said...

Jill- maybe I should try that myself. If I just say it enough I'll go... maybe. ;-)

Beyondhomemaking- You are welcome. I love it.

Chelsea said...

I JUST took down my Christmas stuff on saturday. It's still sitting in the living room- waitin until my husband feels like putting it away! Baby steps!

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