Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow.... what?!?!

After years of snow drought, our area seems to have a bullseye painted on and is under seige. We got 18 inches final total in December, the last Saturday in Jan we got about 6-8, and this past Friday and Saturday? Final total= 22. Keep in mind with these numbers that we are at a low elevation, very close to the river and generally trend warm. Those further inland got well over 2 feet.

Oh, did I mention we are under a winter storm watch for Tuesday night/Wed? AND there's more storms setting up, so we'll just have to see what happens with those. I think it's going to take until July to get the DC Area fully dug out.

Here's some pictures for you:

Our deck table and chairs. This picture was taken early Saturday afternoon- keep in mind, it was still snowing. Hard.

Took a walk up to the 7-11 and to survey the damage so far on Saturday morning at about 9:30. The trees behind me? Not supposed to be hanging to the ground, obviously. They had not yet broken but all that wet snow is heavy!

View of our street. After this was taken we got another 6 inches or so. Yes, a snow plow had been through- couldn't tell? Yeah....

Another view. We were dropping off our shovel at a friend's house who lives nearby. The dragging shovel was handy- gave me a path to walk in that wasn't up to my knees.

Bill does not like snow. He says it comes from a childhood living in Upstate New York and seeing all of the problems snow can cause. I just say he's a grump ;-)

View of the snow piled up on our deck.

Lea was very curious. Curious did not equal brave and she was incredibly not interested in venturing out. Lizzy went out and jumped around in it when it was only about 2 inches or so. She learned a lesson in the last snow storm that deep snow equals kitties falling into holes and getting stuck, so now she knows better.

Snow always provides a nice break from the buzz and busy-ness of life, so it's nice. But I have to admit, getting storm after storm would not be as nice even for those who love snow (like me!). Also, this was a busy week for me and it looks like none of that will be happening. Already cancelled- Super Bowl Party and most likely the first dinner club meeting tomorrow night. Possibly cancelled- Alaina and I's annual Valentine's Day dinner at the Melting Pot on Tuesday. We'll see if we can get out our neighborhoods with a non 4WD vehicle by then.


Chelsea said...

GROSS. Snow is gross! I feel bad for you! I hope it clears up soon!

PS- I LOVE The Melting Pot!

Kim said...

They got the roads semi cleared (at least once I get off my street)! Bill actually went outside to the backyard last night to clear the dryer vent and the snow was up to his upper thighs... he's 6'3".

And we are getting snow on Monday... but it's not supposed to be as bad. So cross your fingers!

We rescheduled the Melting Pot for this Tuesday :-) I love it too!

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