Thursday, February 25, 2010

What has been going on in my life:

- I have been sick so frequently this winter (especially lately) that one of my friends commented that I must be pregnant. I'm not. Though it seems that it's definitely in the air because pregnant people are EVERYWHERE!

- Turns out that I would bet money my boss is who gets me sick all the time. We always end up sick within 24 hours of each other with the exact same symptoms. He has kids. People with kids seem to get every bug that ever goes around because their kids get them from school.

- All that pretty snow we got? Gone! Now we have a swampy gross disgusting mess, a leaky basement and a ton of mud. Yay.

- I'm done with winter, I'm ready for sun dresses and sandals.

- My In-Laws just bought a house on Padre Island, TX. Greatest thing ever, now every time we visit it's like a vacation. Christmas at their house every year! ;-) (not really because my mom would cry)

- My job is stressful. I wish I could telecommute at least part time. That's not new, but to add to all the reasons that were there before- I think I'd be happier if I had the ability to add social opportunities into my day once in awhile. By social opportunities I mean talking to at least one person in a cordial manner. Yes, I do see the irony in needing to not be in the office to do that.

- Yesterday at this time we were under a Winter Storm Watch. Now, we are under a High Sun Watch that warns us to wear sunglasses. I find that extraordinarily funny.


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