Friday, March 5, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday, Vol. 12 (the Iphone addition)

1. During the Olympics I watched both of the USA vs. Canada games and I really enjoyed them both. Normally I'm more of a love hockey in person not so much on tv type of person, but they really played for the jugular. You could TELL each team wanted it and wanted it bad and that is just intoxicating to watch. I wish they both could have won... though technically they did. I mean USA won one and Canada won one- isn't that kind of a tie? They should play again! ;-) Interesting tidbit that you may have missed: every single player on both teams plays for the NHL. In the Olympics that generally isn't true.

2. I have really been struggling with friendship lately. It has occurred to me that friendship defined is different to different people and I'm wondering if due to my experiences my idea of it is kind of warped. For example, I have a lot of guilt when I realize that there are people I just don't like, but that's allowed isn't it? I mean not allowed to be rude to them but isn't it allowed to just realize once in awhile that there are people you just don't have enough in common with to pursue a true friendship with (vs. an acquaintanceship)? Also, when someone asks you your opinion about someone else are you supposed to just be vague or is it okay to say this is my experience, not saying it will be yours but just something I've noticed? Or should you just let them come to conclusions on their own? Last, I have a habit of never really liking to make waves. So unless bothering me is huge, I don't see the point in even mentioning it. According to someone I was speaking to, you are supposed to mention it if it's a (minor) frustration. I just don't know if I agree with that.

3. If you have been paying any attention lately you know that I just got a new iPhone. I was kind of reluctant because they are just so trendy and I definitely thought about getting a Blackberry instead. But there was a good deal, so we ended up with two. It's amazing, I'm not going to lie. I have lists, lists for my lists and then lists for my lists for my lists. And there's an app for it all. Most importantly- I can keep my calender on me any time I have my phone, thus I can write down everything immediately so I'll never forget anything again. (I have a horrible memory, causing a lot of frustration to all those involved)

4. One of my favorite apps is Grocery IQ- which gives you the ability to make shopping lists for each different store you go to. Now, anytime I realize we are running low or I need something (or want something) I can just add it to the store it would be from. When I get enough items, I run to that store and am focused. There's no more of that "I know I'm forgetting something..." nor fumbling with a piece of paper and a pen that keeps either falling to the bottom of your purse or falling through the cart rungs.

5. I have Evernote, Awesome Note (for to-do lists), CalenGoo, and Mint for organization apps. Does anyone have any other productivity/organization apps that they recommend. Organizational systems are a bit like crack to me.

6. Does anyone else listen to The Dana Show? I discovered it lately and actually really enjoy it. I generally vote democrat so she leans a bit conservative for me, however I think that most of us are fed up with big businesses and lobbyists having so much say up on the hill. So, for that reason, her show is enjoyable for me. I've been working really long hours this week and listening to talk radio is actually better than music because it's kind of like you can pretend that you have someone to talk to. Does that sound pathetic? Yeah... I thought so.

7. As someone who was really reluctant to try Pioneer Woman's recipes, consider me a convert. They are easy to make, use ingredients anyone has sitting around which is great and most importantly- tasty! Since you all were right about that site, maybe I'll give Smitten Kitchen another chance (it's also been highly recommended).

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Amy said...

That Grocery IQ sounds like an awesome app! I laughed about the pen that gets lost in the purse!

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