Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Age and clothing

I made it a goal this year to sort through my ridiculous amounts of clothing and weed out everything that doesn't fit and/or is not flattering. Quick backstory on this- 5 years ago I was a size 4. I was always tiny, so skinny that people constantly thought I was anorexic. You know how this story goes... I hit 25 and that amazing metabolism that kept me in the skinny clothes slowed down and I gained 40 lbs in 5 years. Actually I gained 35 lbs in about 3 and have been trying to lose (some) of it since, a feat that caused me to gain about 5 more. That means that I have a ton of stuff that I was holding onto in vain that is a size 4. Then there are the shirts that fit my considerably smaller boobage that won't even dream of buttoning now.

The second group of problem clothes is that, like many who were skinny skinny their whole life and then all of a sudden had a belly, and fat pockets, etc. I bought a ton of stuff that fit like sacks. I know people who have seen pictures of me are shaking their heads in disbelief (and trust me people who know me think I'm crazy as well because I'm not fat) but it's a mentality thing. I think carrying around 40 extra lbs no matter what size you started at and ended at takes adjustment. I was self conscious of every body area so I bought clothes that were the opposite of fitted, not realizing that in actuality it all just made me look fatter. Looking at pictures of myself in some of these clothes I look like I gained 80 lbs, at least, instead of just 40. Those need to go also.

The first part of it all was admitting that I will likely never be a size 4 again, my frame just isn't built for it. I'm too curvy. Also the amount of work required for me to be that size would be completely time and energy consuming. So all those clothes needed to go. The second part was realizing that though I am heavier than I used to be, I don't look bad. Embrace the curves, wear clothes that flatter your body type at the time and stop hiding behind the baggy clothes.

These are a few things that I have bought recently:

I love the cute sleeves on this top as well as the pink color- so summery! Plus it has a longer length, which is key since I have a really long body.

I own one pair of shorts. One. They are not flattering, which I only realized once our honeymoon pictures came back. Problem- they hit right in the middle of my knees which makes my legs look stumpy and they are so baggy that I look large (paired with an empire waist top I look 5 months pregnant). I am donating those so a middle aged mom can wear them and replaced them with these and a pair of shorts that *gasp* actually hit mid thigh. I couldn't find a picture because they sold out already, but they are incredibly cute and I think my husband wanted to jump up and down in joy when I tried them on because I was actually showing some leg.

The ones pictured hit above the knee- much more flattering length then mid knee no matter what length your legs are- and are form fitting so they won't make you look anything but what your body normally looks like.

I bought this as a neutral bottom that I could pair with just about anything. The skirt is a longer length (knee) and has great pockets. Warning though- the waist band is elastic in the back so if you have a phobia of elastic you may want to stay away from it, but its really comfortable to wear.

I am actually wearing this today. Open weave sweaters are great for that annoying period of time between seasons when the weather changes by the day. They breathe so you can adjust to the warmer afternoons but also provide a bit of warmth. The sleeves are a bell style 3/4 length and I'm just wearing a basic tank top underneath. One thing I have definitely learned is that if you are wearing a looser fit top, wear a fitted bottom. If you wear loose fitting on top and bottom- not attractive. Yes, seems simple but don't tell that to the numerous pictures of me from the past couple of years ignoring that idea.

Since oversharing is the theme of this post, I will admit to you that I sweat. A lot. While on men this may look manly and people don't pay attention, girls always have a different set of rules when it comes to bodily functions. If we sweat, we arent supposed to show it (cept when we work out). I live in the DC area and if you've never been here during August, don't come. The humidity and heat is off the charts. I can't stop the sweat, so the only way to hide it is to wear a lot of tank tops since sleeved shirts show sweat stains. Half of my wardrobe is tank tops and the lightweight material this one has is key.

All clothes from Old Navy. They have some great deals right now.


Amanda said...

Ok so I was sitting here thinking...those look like Old Navy clothes... FIGURES! I adore ON!!!!!

EMBRACE the curves! I will never be a size 4! Heck, I will be lucky to be in the single digits. I am just built that way. Working on accepting it- but everyday is a new day and a new chance to change my thinking!

Just came across your site from 20SB and thought I would say hello! My husband and I are currently living in Peru and for Easter we are doing a giveaway with the chance to win goodies from PERU! Come check it out :)


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