Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cleaning Schedules

In an attempt to be more organized I have gone through several versions of a cleaning schedule that

  • breaks it down into easier to tackle pieces so that I am not running around cleaning like a crazy person anytime I find out someone is coming over

  • is in an easy, detailed checklist format because I love being able to cross things off, it makes me feel accomplished

  • gets the house clean enough even for anal retentive me

    Now, in the interest of full disclosure I have not yet had a full week of success with this but I'm moving in the correct direction. Also, the beauty of it is that it's so detailed that if you miss a week or two of a particular room it's not going to be so bad.

    Things about me that you will see reflected in this list are:

    1) I hate cleaning cat boxes, I hate scooping them. Plus, we've stuck them downstairs in the basement so out of sight, out of mind. To help the cat's deal with the fact that their boxes will never be scooped once a day they each have their own. You will see that I clean their boxes twice a week. On Mondays I change the litter/wash the boxes and on Thursdays I scoop.

    2) I hate laundry. I am incapable of doing more than (at max) 2 or 3 loads at a time or I stop folding everything and just leave it in a basket in the middle of the floor to wrinkle. Due to this fact, I've split laundry up into pieces. I also cannot do that put a load in before you leave for work, dry when you get home every day and it doesn't stack up thing. Why? See above comment about out of sight, out of mind. We'd just end up with moldy clothes.

    3) Our trash and recyclables pickup is on Tuesday so you will see stuff stacked on Sunday and Monday that make sense keeping in mind the pickup schedule (minimizes the really stinky stuff sitting in the trash can for prolonged periods of time). This is extremely important during summers in DC when it's extremely hot and humid and our outdoor trash can is near our front door.

    4) We do not have kids. Thus we don't have as much laundry as someone with kids (especially infants and potty training kids), our house doesn't get as dirty, I have a ton more free time, etc.

    5) I have to put go through mail on every single day (may seem like a no brainer to most everyone else) because we have a horrible habit of just leaving it in a stack on the floor where it falls through the mail slot and then is shoved by the opening door at night. Then we sort through it anxiously when we think "hey, it's been awhile since we've paid such and such bill, it's probably time for it to be due again!"

    6) The Tidy-up line item will be used in the future but as of yet is not. We haven't reached a level of cleanliness yet that going around picking up errant messes (i.e. dishes left in random rooms, socks in corners, etc.) once a day is even feasible. Too hard to see, especially on our second floor which I've affectionately retitled the trash dump.

    7) I hate cleaning on weekends, it just seems like a waste of a perfectly good weekend. I prefer to just get all that annoying stuff out of the way during the week but I know many people feel differently.

    8) The abbreviations up top are what rooms I'm working on that day. Some of the abbrevations only make sense to me so I'll explain- on Monday I am covering the Kitchen (K), Basement (B), Trash (T) and Bathroom (BA). This does not mean I fully clean every one of those rooms that day. For the Basement I Clean Cat Boxes, Sweep, and Mop. For the Kitchen I wipe countertops, wipe cabinets, clean stove/oven, wash sink, sweep, and mop. Since I already have the mop bucket filled and the mop out I head upstairs and mop the Bathroom floor as well, but that's the only thing I clean in the bathroom that day. For trash, I change all the trash bags which includes the basement, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, etc.

    9) Essentially it works out to focusing on one room each day plus doing a few extras that make sense based on what else you are doing (like not having to fill the mop bucket twice a week). Monday is Basement and Kitchen, Tuesday is Living Room and Dining Room, Wednesday is the Bedroom, Thursday is the Bathroom and Saturday is the Office. I put the Office on the weekend because Bill's home then and I'm not sorting through his stuff and half the office is his.

    If you are looking for a cleaning schedule, feel free to steal and modify according to your own idiosyncrasies and habits. I also have it in Word for easier modifications, you can just move everything around. Just email me and I'll send it to you. Click on the images to make them bigger.


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    Maybe if I made myself a cleaning schedule, I wouldn't be so overwhelmed by it all!

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