Monday, March 8, 2010

Sundresses and wedges, oh my!

We have finally started to enter a prolonged thaw period and all these warmer temps are making me start thinking of spring. With spring comes thoughts of dresses and sandals and other warm weather clothes that make me happy.

Here's a few dresses I love right now:

From Modcloth. Confession, I love Modcloth's clothes however I have never, and probably will never buy anything from them. I look. I covet. However, I never pay $50+ for any item of clothing that isn't 1) boots or 2) coats. I love this dress though, both the pattern and the simplicity of it. It exudes the casual feeling of warm weather dressing that I love.

I buy 95% of my work clothes from Chadwicks. They have a killer clearance section and it isn't a long wait from when you notice something that you love but is too expensive full price until it ends up in the sale/clearance section at a more affordable price. This has a vintage feel with a bright spring color. Plus it gives me the coverage I want at work without having to put a sweater over top of it or a tank top underneath.

I love this entire outfit from Old Navy. From the dress to the shrug sweater to the necklace. Probably the only thing I would change is that I'd wear flats with it. These long dresses are so comfortable that if I could I would live in them 100% of the time in the summer. I already have two. I hope this trend doesn't leave anytime soon.

For shoes, I never buy shoes from anywhere but Payless (unless they are on a deep, deep discount rack but those usually aren't available online), so that's where both these images are from. Honestly, I get many compliments on my shoes and they are always comfortable so I see no reason to pay more.

I'm loving the wedge fad right now. Wedges are like the best of both worlds, comfortable like flats but add the height and the leg muscle definition of heels. Add a bright color and it's perfect for spring. Just a warning though, do not pair bright colored shoes with bright colored clothes. You'll look like a bridesmaid with those dyed to match your ugly dress shoes. Wear neutral colored clothes, pop with accessories. Wear bright clothes, pair with neutral accessories.


Last, I discovered an Iphone app called Stylebook where you put in the clothes you have in your closet and you can pair them together in outfits. The uber organizer in me thinks it may be a handy tool to plan out my work outfits for the whole week on Sundays so it streamlines my morning routine. Plus, I'm hoping it will eliminate my being out and saying "I think I need a black sweater" and then realizing in 2 months that actually I have 5 black sweaters that are almost identical.


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