Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ten on Tuesday, Vol. 15

1. What television character do you identify with?

I don't watch a lot of tv sitcoms, only reality shows and Glee.  Reality show people are picked because they are really out there and the Glee kids are in high school. 

2. Describe your morning routine.
Alarm goes off, hit snooze 5 thousand times (a bad, bad habit I'm trying to break), go to the bathroom, immediately jump in the shower, with my hair in a towel and robe on I check facebook (update all my ridiculous ongoing games like Farmville, Petville, Cafe World, I play a lot of them), check work email and mentally organize my work day, head back upstairs and get dressed, head to bathroom and do my hair and put on a bit of makeup if I have a meeting or am feeling ambitious, head out the door. This all happens in less than an hour.
3. How do you do lunch? Bring from home or dine out? Same thing every day or mix it up?
Sometimes I take leftovers. Sometimes I go to the overpriced deli next door. When I get my organized act together I have my office stocked with food so I don't have to leave.
4. What is one moment that, although seemingly trivial at the time, changed your life?
Deciding that even though I had never done it before, I was going to- just once- meet a guy from the internet (myspace to boot) for dinner. In a public place, of course. Something seemed different about him. 2.5 years later, we've been married for nearly 6 months. I actually almost wussed out and cancelled faking illness. So glad I didn't!

Sad fact: We actually lived down the street from each other, maybe a half mile apart. We likely would have never met any other way, we just would have seen each other around places and never spoke.  Or if he tried to talk to me (he's friendly) he would have just thought I was a biatch because I'm incredibly unfriendly to  men I don't know.  Like near mean unfriendly.

5. Name your top three beauty products.
1) Oil of Olay complete: great moisturizer that contains SPF.
2) Retken Spray Foam mouse: sprays straight on so your hands don't need to get involved.
3) St. Ives Medicated Apricot Scrub. Only thing that keeps my skin clear.
6. What do you do when you’re alone in the car?
I talk on the phone. I know, I know but it's the only time I really have to keep in touch with people... but hey! I use speaker phone.

7. What is the ideal city for you to live in? If you can, take this survey (< that’s a link) and tell us the results. Do you agree with them?
A small town feel where we can buy a house with a decent sized lot without breaking the bank but still has job opportunities. Somewhere where the people are nice, because where we live now is quite possibly one of the least friendly locations on earth. A place where the words "work/life balance" are not akin to cursing. I'd like to be near a lake or beach. Bill would love to never see snow unless we vacation TO snow ever again.

Definitely. Good job survey!

8. Are you waiting for something?
Nope, nothing.

9. What was the last shocking news you heard?
I can't think of anything, but then again I'm pretty darn hard to shock.

10. What are three things you wouldn’t do for a million dollars?
1) Murder
2) Prostitution
3) Abuse a child


Angela said...

I used to play a few of those dang Facebook games as well, but I lost interest once I started completing all of the good stuff. I've stopped playing them all!

Ashley said...

Hey.. I found you through Ten on Tuesday. I'm also a D.C. newlywed-- we're almost at six months too!

Fuegita said...

I tried to not snooze anymore, I was able to do it for a week, but that was only because I had to give the cat meds.

talklesssaymore said...

Hi Ashley! I'm so glad you found me. :-)

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